The outdoor revolution according to Pratic: the bioclimatic pergola with mirrored walls that blends into the landscape

Interact with nature until you become part of it, create your own comfort through sustainable technology and experience an unprecedented connection with the world in complete privacy. The next era of the outdoors is a reality with Connect, the bioclimatic pergola by Pratic with mirrored walls that blends into the landscape. An innovation that unites man, design and the environment, changing the way of living open air.


For the first time, a pergola uses Spy Glass windows to reproduce the beauty of the landscape on its surface. The tempered glass closures are certified by the Giordano Institute for their resistance to air, wind and water, ensuring maximum confidentiality. From the inside, Connect guarantees a view of the landscape, while from an external view, the areas of the pergola are inaccessible.

Connect uses advanced technology that combines bioclimatic design with the best home automation applications. Equipped with a cover with aluminum sunshade blades, the pergola allows you to regulate lighting, heating and ventilation in a natural way. The movement of the blades, like any other Connect automation, can be managed via voice command: the Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems, connected to the pergola, interpret every request, recreating ever-changing scenarios and ecosystems of well-being. In case of rain, snow or strong wind, weather sensors intervene with the automatic closing of the blades.

Customizable in every detail, Connect can reach the size of 5x5 meters, but larger configurations can be obtained by placing more customized modules side by side. The glass walls are available in the mirrored or smoked version, while the aluminum structure can be customized with the preferred color. It is possible to choose from the best Pratic optional: Raso vertical drop awnings, perimeter lighting with dimmable Led Line light, Spotlight or Quadralight spotlights inserted in the blades, innovative Set platform.