The first important appointment of the year with home design and decoration fairs did not disappoint. The high international participation, in terms of exhibitors and visitors, was welcomed by new concrete proposals from Maison&Objet. We tell you about them together with our selection of trends

Maison&Objet 2023 takes care of exhibitors, visitors and journalists (Take Care! is also the inspiring theme of the just concluded edition) with three new digital tools:

  1. Maison&Objet launches the Eshop BtoB service (powered by MOM) dedicated to the creation of online stores from professionals to professionals.
  2. During the year, the marketplace functionality will be added to the eshop on the platform MOM, the ability to offer professional direct order taking and on-demand quote generation.
  3. Back to school 2023: from the next edition of Maison&Objet Paris (7-11 September 2023), brands and visitors will be able to benefit from a tool to digitize order taking at the fair. For brands, this translates into an acceleration of order acquisition and the ability to centralize show leads, while visitors will have the opportunity to validate their pre-order at any time, during and after the show closes.

The Art of Resilience

Among the stands of the individual brands exhibited at the fair, at the intersection of two corridors, one comes across a bright space inhabited by furnishings and objects with a strong impact: decisive formal signs, materials suggested by nature.

It is the exhibition entitled The Art of Resilience, a collective of Ukrainian designers who express the will to continue working, to propose and to grow despite the tragic conflict taking place in the country.

No mention of pain in the pieces presented, but an unceasing desire for the pursuit of beauty, through combinations of known materials and craft techniques with the suggestions of the present.

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Only one wish: to slow down

It is urgent to slow down. This was announced by François Delclaux with his selection of pieces for the installation Slow Hospitality, one of the three showcases dedicated to the preview of trends organized by Maison&Objet (we had written here: https://www.internimagazine. it/agenda/cosa-vedremo-a-maisonobjet-2023/).

A desire, a need, a dream, a necessity, the theme of a slower life touches all and all areas, from work to travel to family. And the response from the brands present at the fair was consistent: among the many, we have chosen two examples.

Fragments of stories, colors, unique textures and very ancient processes, memories of past travels have been the main inspiration for the creations of The House of Lyria, the interior project born from the creativity of Riccardo Bruni.

The fabrics, plaids and decorative cushions brought to Paris are decorated with textures and motifs inspired by the Tuscan history of precious natural fibers such as wool, linen and cotton and with particular colors obtained from organic sources such as coffee, tea or ash.

The fair was also an opportunity to present the new capsule collection in limited edition Carthage, made up of 81 entirely hand-sewn cushions.

Taking the time to listen to music is one of the activities that helps slow down everyday life. It becomes a real gift if you also take care of the quality of the sound and, why not, the beauty of the object that produces it.

The two French brands La Boite concept and Lelièvre Paris have combined their know-how precisely to achieve this goal: to design high-fidelity audio equipment dressed in exceptional fabrics.

LX Platine Lelièvre special edition is the collection of loudspeakers and turntables that deliver sound worthy of a live orchestra using any audio source.

All the colors of the sun

The Tagadà collection proposed by Stamuli - design studio based in Stockholm , created by the Italian Emanuele Stamuli - tells us that even a game like the carousel is never just a joke.

Just take a ride on the Tagadà to realize that it takes a certain amount of courage, balance and lucidity if you really want to have fun: thus the pieces offered with the Tagadà collection appear joyful, simple and colorful , but they are also the result of years of conceptual research and the result of a work carried out with craftsmanship.

Among the various colors available, we chose orange for the Avro lamp by Studio Natural presented at Maison&Objet by Martinelli.

Its peculiarity, however, goes beyond shape and color and embraces the theme, sometimes a little forgotten, of function. Avro was born as a response to the new post-pandemic domestic habits, that is, it responds to the need of those who have found their new workstation at home.

Suspension lamp, perfect above the dining table, but equipped with a socket in the lower part which serves as a charger for electronic devices, therefore essential when the table turns into a desk.

The contemporary face of history

Designed to add beauty to terraces and gardens, without neglecting irony and lightness, the Magna Graecia collection by Antonio Aricò for Seletti is made up of a family of terracotta objects inspired by the styles of the ancient Greek colonies in southern Italy.

Terracotta is an apparently very poor material, but with which magic can be done - says Aricò - I am fascinated by its nude color and the natural imperfection of its thicknesses, qualities that prompted me to create a family of objects that could speak of craftsmanship and at the same time tell passionate stories through the interpretation of Magna Graecia decorations”.

The field cot object makes us imagine emergency situations, such as military operations dating back to the last century and even earlier. However, the one proposed at Maison&Objet as part of the Danish installation Circularity in Action, curated by Laurence Carr, is an of the historic furniture and adheres perfectly to the theme of the fair dedicated to "taking care".

OGK Daybed di Skovhoved MØbelfabrik, in fact, was designed for the son of the owner of the brand when, as a child, he was supposed to go on a camping trip with the class, but he fell ill.

The thoughtful father thought of a place for him to sleep off the ground, but at the same time foldable and easy to carry around.