Canton, Querini and Tondo are the new three-dimensional tiles with which it is possible to cover vertical or floor surfaces. In a game of reliefs and chiaroscuro that is as intriguing as it is relaxing

Dusty tones and primordial geometric shapes that alternate in a continuous play of reliefs: this is the new line of tiles designed by Elisa Ossino for Cimento, under the artistic direction of Aldo Parisotto.

Always oriented towards experimentation and valorisation of the territory of origin, with this collaboration Cimento - which is based in San Donà di Piave, in the province of Venice - carries forward with conviction its material vocation and the proposal of furnishings increasingly devoted to the sculptural.

Dancing surfaces

Observing them, you can get lost in a visual loop capable of habituating the gaze, comforting and intriguing it at the same time. There is no doubt: in this new Cimento line by Elisa Ossino three-dimensionality plays a central role, capable of awakening different stimuli and dressing disparate styles.

Classic, brutalist and at the same time soberly playful, but also a little pop: the numerous interpretations of the line which includes Canton, Querini and Tondo strong> make the new Cimento tiles a versatile and refined decorative element in its simplicity.

Acting as the fil rouge are the primordial geometric shapes in their minimal purity: the circle, the square, the rectangle, essential patterns that give the dynamism and volume while maintaining the sophistication of the unique tone. Suitable for interpreting the personality of the destination environment.

The monochrome that creates volume

Monochrome and dynamism therefore: two apparently distant dimensions which, if associated in a single sentence, make one think of an oxymoron.

The Cimento line of tiles by Elisa Ossino instead summarizes precisely this: the multiple possibilities of combination bring the surfaces to life, in a lively movement of shadows decorative elements which, combined with the palette of dusty tones, give sophistication to the space.

Not just tiles

Also designed by Elisa Ossino and with the artistic direction of Aldo Parisotto, Cimento has also introduced a 'Collection' of furnishing accessories designed to enhance the contrast between sandblasted and smooth concrete to the touch.

This is 'Ducale', a line divided into seats, coffee tables, bookcases and consoles with high materiality, including rough and irregular finishes.