With an increasingly sustainable production process that respects biodiversity and the use of natural resources, Portobello Group offers porcelain stoneware solutions for every type of project and customer

Designing everyday life, transforming environments, entering into synergy with people at the center of the project. These are the values that have guided the initiatives of Portobello Group for over forty years, the design company present with several points of sale in the area.

Guidelines that have made the brand recognizable and today among the leaders in the sale of ceramic wall tiles for interiors and exteriors, establishing itself as one of the most important companies in the world made in Brazil .

A multidisciplinary approach

Portobello identifies its philosophy in a constant sharing approach: from projects to ideas.

In fact, it is not uncommon to find the brand protagonist of collective solutions, which translate into a creative implementation given by the constant contamination with different realities and designers from all over the world. Always keeping faith with the aforementioned foundations, which define the company's identity, Portobello in fact chooses to marry different projects in terms of form and mission, to constantly evolve on the innovation front.

Precisely according to the principle of an assiduous contamination between realities, Portobello promotes the exchange of knowledge between the company and various multi-disciplinary professionals for its works, which translates into an uninterrupted flow of experiences and shared knowledge.

Tradition, according to new technologies

Faithful to a tradition deeply rooted in the company's history, Portobello always tends to investigate possible evolution to create unpublished solutions, with an attentive eye to trends and, in particular this moment, to the inclination to hyper-personalize.

Thanks to the support of the most innovative digital technologies, Portobello therefore combines the ability to listen to the customer's request, based on the experience of use, with the expertise refined year after year in anticipating the trends of the historical period.

A solution for every style

With a large range of proposals, by colour, texture and style, Portobello products synthesize form and function, offering unlimited solutions for the realization of architectural projects designed down to the smallest detail.

Portobello slabs are continuous surfaces, wide and thin in porcelain stoneware measuring 63x126 inches - produced in Brazil by Portobello - which play an unprecedented role in interior design. With some specific features, such as offering the same product in different sizes, thicknesses – from 0.24 to 1.18” - and finishes, the slab system adds more flexibility to the Portobello portfolio and more diversity for building professionals to choose from. 'architecture.

Among all the proposals, Officina Portobello is among the most appreciated services by professionals in the architecture and design sector. The art of porcelain stoneware elaborated in the company is declined in finished objects capable of being placed directly inside the designed environments. An intelligent customization system that allows unique solutions, possible only through the combination of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

Once again it is a question of keeping faith with the soul of Portobello: innovation, design and quality.