East Side by angelettiruzza design. A process that transforms the material into a tactile experience

The East Side dual-lever mixer tap for 3-hole basins is defined by its use of materials and knurling. This process is not only a functional choice but a deliberate expression of a tactile even more than a visual contrast, giving the hand a physical, direct experience, almost raw in its essence. “Knurling,” say the designers Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza, “was chosen not only to improve the grip and the experience of touch but also to create a contrast in the perception of the object.” Made entirely in Italy in eight color variants, including the new Gold Brass finish, the East Side series is notable for the use of brass, the only material that comes into direct contact with the water. The name recalls the industrial atmospheres and mix of culture and lifestyles in the 70s New York lofts, which then spread worldwide through the influence of multidisciplinary artists and creatives.

At a glance


What is it?
A dual lever mixer tap with an industrial style yet very contemporary.
What is the design concept?
As the name suggests, the aesthetic evokes the archetypes of the industrial culture of the New York lofts of the 70s. The knurling, in particular, is not just a functional choice but the purposeful expression of a material contrast, tactile even more than visual, that gives the hand a physical, direct
How is it made?
Structurally it is a dual lever mixer tap controlling turning on/off and mixing of water with screws placed beneath the operating levers. The parts in contact with water are made of brass, in compliance with the European UBA List directives. The eight chromatic finishes are an integral part of the project: chrome, matt black, black brushed chrome, metallic brushed, PVD brushed rose gold, PVD polished rose gold, PVD polished gold brass, PVD brushed gold brass.
How is it produced and where?
It is produced by semi-machining bars on a lathe and then processing them all the way to hot pressing the control lever. The product is made in Italy in the company's factories.
How is it manufactured?
The product is made through mechanical processing in the production departments of Cristina Rubinetterie by hot molding and gravity casting processes carried out in the foundry.
What makes it special?
The industrial look and a new Gold Brass finish.
What is it like?
Vintage, eclectic, industrial.
How do the designers describe it?
“The East Side series is inspired by the whole American culture of the New York lofts. The words that inspired us in the creation of the series were: humility, frankness, honesty. The choice of knurling the surfaces was made not only to improve the grip and the experience of touch but also the desire to create a contrast that would heighten the physical experience of the perception of the object through the concept of touch.”