Ratio by Vincent Van Duysen for Dada. A space of graphic and architectural rigor, warmed by refined wood and Mediterranean characters.

Ratio, the second kitchen collection designed for Dada by Vincent Van Duysen, is renewed in its modularity and materials, while retaining the same design qualities with compositional forms resembling buildings. Metal grids configure the architecture of bases, wall units, columns, cooker hoods and accessories. Voids and solids and worktops of different thicknesses attached to the slender and minimalist structural technical elements generate a virtuoso interplay of balances. In this island layout, complete with furnishings and accessories, the door with its vertical grain, just 13 mm thick, has a handle with an unusual profile and a bronze metallic finish. The research into materials is oriented towards warm Mediterranean qualities, alternating between refined wood, such as the new eucalyptus finish, and natural stone like Rapolano travertine combined with sophisticated metals. Van Duysen himself describes his project in these words: “The kitchen is laid out on two levels, the structural one, consisting of the uprights, and the surfaces. The intersection of vertical and horizontal lines endows the product with a surprisingly graphic and architectural quality, conveyed by the arrangement of uprights, doors and vertical surfaces.”

What is it?
A new modular kitchen developed on two levels, the structure and the surfaces, with an aesthetic-design development riffing on horizontal and vertical lines.
What is the design concept?
The idea of the Vincent Van Duysen studio was to create a line with unique aesthetic features, fusing two apparently contrasting elements: its imposing mass with its “sculptural” volume and extremely elegant details, in a combination where the proportions create balance. In the island, the concept is made even more explicit by raising the composition off the floor, resting it only on two structural elements of minimal thickness.
How is it made?
In its various material embodiments, the design turns on a true modular system of bases that can be customized in the finishes with very thin (13 mm) doors and the detail of a continuous aluminum handle. The bases are then covered by a thick natural stone worktop (90 mm), completed with various functional elements, such as the large natural stone sink or embedded wooden table.
How is it produced and where?
Like all our products, all components of Ratio are made in Italy, with careful control over the whole supply chain of raw materials. Dada produces all the structural elements in-house.
How is it manufactured?
Like many Dada products, it is the detailing and hidden features that make this program special. The cabinet doors are thin, constructed with a double aluminum core, which remains concealed but forms the structural frame that gives solidity to the whole project. The same applies to the steel elements, the hidden structure supporting the island.
What makes it special?
First, Vincent Van Duysen's idea of creating a very distinctive project. Kitchen designs are often rather uniform with a minimal transversal taste. But here the intention was precisely to design a unique project that makes the whole program outstanding.