Alberese by Piero Lissoni for De Padova. Deep seats and highly variable solutions: a fluid domestic landscape between design and architecture

Harmonious, linear and flexible. Alberese is the new modular project by Piero Lissoni for De Padova, designed to furnish a contemporary living room in a personal and welcoming way. A collection of upholstered furniture with inclined armrests in which to relax, read and get together. All the components of the system share the deep seat: single corner modules, as well as chaise longues and poufs. And they design a range of varied solutions to enable stories large and small to happen every day. “The collection grew out of various reflections, then crystalized in its essence,” says Piero Lissoni. “We wanted to make a sofa featuring generous cushions, extremely comfortable and elegant.”

Alberese is like a landscape. It evokes “a broad spreading land with very visible horizons. Low and elongated, it is striking without being imposing. You can grasp the comfort it offers by using it and experiencing it day in day out.”

At a glance

What is it?
A modular seating system for the living area.
What is the design concept?
A project whose classical forms ensure comfort and compositional flexibility.
How is it made?
The structure consists of a classic wooden frame sheathed in rubber. Its forms are upholstered in fabric, velvet and leather.
How is it produced and where?
It is produced with the traditional technologies for upholstered furniture at De Padova’s outsource workshops.
What makes it special?
The design is classic yet contemporary, sophisticated but not assertive.
What is it like?
Substantial, comfortable, welcoming.
How does the designer describe it?
“Alberese is a sofa that grew out of various reflections, then crystalized in its essence. It has large cushions, it is comfortable but also elegant. It takes its name from a broad spreading land, one with very visible horizons. Just like the sofa, which appeals to eye, but is very low, offering great comfort and special angles, straddling design and architecture.”