Ludwig sofa by Roberto Gobbo for Désirée: a restrained aesthetic, inspired by the radical ideas of the Bauhaus

Désirée presents Ludwig, designed by Roberto Gobbo: a sofa with a geometrical form that pays homage to the radical design ideas born in Central Europe after World War I. It was in that historical period that the distance between the applied arts and design narrowed for the first time to the minimum. The dominant themes were the reduction of forms and revolutionary use of materials.

Ludwig is notable for its extreme versatility in use. Its clean lines make it suitable for all the rooms in the home and also professional interiors. Featuring parallelepiped-shaped padding 9 cm thick at the top and tapering below, embellished with topstitching, it is fully removable. The fabric is finished with a delicate tone-on-tone trim. The insertion of a 30 cm diameter single-seat cylindrical back with attached cushion, replacing the standard back, makes for maximum versatility in use. It can be positioned freely to suit your taste by adapting it to different postures, from sitting to reclining and lying down. The base is another very tautly designed detail, consisting of two parallel glides in matt bronze metal set at 90°, visually lightening the sofa so that it seems suspended in space.

At a glance

What is it ?
A sofa with restrained forms, for the home and the contract sector.
What is the design concept?
Ludwig's taut lines are inspired by Central European styling after World War I when, for the first time, design converged with the applied arts.
How is it made?
It has slab-shaped padding 9 cm thick at the top and tapering below. The base has two parallel glides in matt bronze metal.
How is it produced and where?
Ludwig is a  product completely handmade  in Italy at the Désirée facility at Tezze di Piave in the province of Treviso.

How is it manufactured?
The manufacturing process is fully crafted, in particular the topstitching and the trim, applied by hand.

What makes it special?
Ludwig is a true seating system. The refinement of the composition is defined by the 30 cm diameter single-seat backrest with attached cushion, which can be positioned wherever you prefer to favor different postures.

What is it like?
Light, decisive, versatile.

How does the designer describe it?
“Ludwig pays homage the Twenties, characterized by the birth of an extraordinary movement and the Bauhaus school, with its unique relationship between art and design.”