The new Smart Speaker Mini by Deutsche Telekom is portable and customizable in look and use

The European version of the Voice Control System is called Magenta and is produced by Deutsche Telekom. Currently on sale only for the German market, it is a response to the - typically European - desire for greater privacy and reassurance in terms of data collection in the use of voice-controlled ecosystems.

Magenta is a voice-controlled device that allows the control of integrated home automation systems (lights, heating), reproduces music, radio and audiobooks and connects to the internet and smartphone. Already awarded with the German Brand Award 2019, the German Design Award GOLD 2020 and the IF Design Award 2020, Magenta is now presented in an xs version.

The Smart Speaker Mini has the same features as Magenta but measures only 10x8 cm. Its additional feature compared to the mother product is the possibility of customization.

Three stickers positioned on the sides of the Smart Speaker transform it giving it a different personality.

For the graphics, the Deutsche Telekom Design and Customer Experience Team relied on two illustrators, Silvia Gherra and Roberta Ricciuti, and a group of students from the Politecnico di Milano, coordinated by Vittorio Linfante.

To accompany the production project there is also a research project (see gallery), in which 5 artists, stylists, designers have ventured into the reinterpretation of the object itself, revisiting it to adapt it to different lifestyle contexts. The artistic direction of the whole project is by Studio MMG and Vittorio Linfante.

At glance

What is it?
A smart speaker that connects to the network and allows voice control of the integrated home automation tools
What is its design concept?
The mini smart speaker is xs format (10x8 cm) and customizable thanks to stickers specially designed by illustrators.
Why is it special?
Compared to other American-made devices, the mini smart speaker, like its mother product (the Magenta speaker), allows a respect for privacy that follows European regulations, also in terms of data collection. The extra small format allows portability for which there are no alternatives on the market while customization makes it adaptable to any interior environment.
How is it?
Small, smart, adaptable