Designed by Stefano Spessotto, Kim is an upholstered bed that recalls the elegant lines of the homonymous sofa. It can be covered in fabric, leather or with a mix of the two coverings and completed by two versions of the foot

The Kim textile bed, designed by Stefano Spessotto, is part of the new Relax 2020 collection created by Ditre Italia, specialized in upholstered furniture and characterized by craftsmanship and product customization. The bed is inspired by the elegant lines of the sofa of the same name, also designed by Spessotto, recognizable in the profiles of the backrest and bed frame. Kim has a balanced structure, with fabric, leather or a mix of the two coverings, and can be customized with one of the two versions of exclusive foot: with or without external support. It was born as a timeless product, developed thanks to a collection of images and suggestions summarized in a single solution: a piece of furniture between artisan and industrial production, with a propensity for sobriety and simplification of lines. Kim's realization requires that much of the work is done manually by professionals. The artisan component is crucial to ensure a perfect finish of the product, in the style and identity of the company.

At a glance

What is it?
Kim is an upholstered double bed model, proposed to the public in all available sizes. It meets the criteria of the international market and is positioned in a high price range, aimed at a mature and refined consumer.
What is the design concept?
It is linked to the historical period of transition between the production of handcrafted products and those made by industry, reflecting in the aesthetic the idea of ​​a less elaborate product, with a more contemporary face.
Where is it produced?
It is produced at the Ditre Italia plant in Cordignano, in the province of Treviso.
How is it manufactured?
The processes are entrusted to expert upholsterers, skilled in paying particular attention to each detail. The back cushion, for example, boasts a double stitching and the feet are covered with fabric.
What makes it special?
The peculiarities of this product are mainly aesthetic, it does not have complex functions on a technical level. It expresses a deserving aesthetic character, which stands out in the details.
How is it?
Timeless, bohemian, comfortable.
In the designer’s own words
I have a particular bond with the bed that furnishes my room, I am very fond of it from an emotional point of view. But, if I were to change it for a new product, I would definitely choose Kim.