DOM Edizioni signs Andrew, a sculptural dining table with sophisticated and timeless charm

Andrew the dining table designed by Domenico Mula for DOM Edizioni takes the stage with majesty and self-confidence. Its distinctive feature is the peculiar metal base with an elegant, light and emotional shape. In fact, it arises from the perfect union of several curved components in a single element that can be in satin brass, polished brass, bronze or chrome. The top, available in round or elliptical version, is fixed to the metal structure through a perfect support and can be made of marble, Macassar ebony, maple, lacquered wood or glass. The choice of glass makes Andrew a real work of art: transparency, in fact, allows a complete view of the metal base under the top.

At a glance

What is it?
Andrew is a dining table capable of being the protagonist in any environment.
What its design concept?
Its design concept is to have created a base with a great material and design impact.
How and where is it manufactured?
All the processing stages, from the choice of the metal to the extremely delicate curvature of the elements up to the galvanic treatment, are made entirely in Italy, as for all the items produced by DOM Edizioni.
What makes it special?
Innovation lies in the use of new technologies for the realization of the base. Moreover, it is particularly interesting that no component has visible structural elements, such as joints or bolts: there is the total absence of obvious features that combine the elements together.
In the designer’s own words
In my eyes one of the most beautiful pieces I created! Born in my thoughts on a long lonely road trip by car... then the phone call to the trusty craftsman to make sure I don’t forget anything. Only afterwards the drawing and refinement. The first prototypes did not allow large sizes and marble tops, then finally the debut.