A new finish for pura R 5000 the shower enclosure to complete any bathroom environment

pura R 5000, the iconic duka shower enclosure characterized by elegant geometries, pure shapes and essential lines, renews its look and is proposed with a new matt finish that recalls the typical nuance of stainless steel and gives the aluminum profiles a warmer appeal and contemporary, capable of creating a visual effect in contrast with the transparency and brilliance of the glass. The range of aesthetic possibilities of pura R 5000 becomes wider, with two types of profiles: matt stainless steel look and glossy chrome / silver, which can be combined with different versions of glass, transparent, satin, gray Parsol, with central satin silk-screen printing on the crystal and Nebula gradient effect finish. Contemporary design, visual lightness and careful details, the result of the best production technologies, make pura R 5000 not only a shower enclosure designed to last over time, but the ideal solution both to enhance private bathroom spaces and to furnish contract areas that require quality standards. high. The hinge, made in a Soft finish (the new opaque profile incorporates the satin effect, giving it an even more elegant look), is made up of over 50 components and allows the door to be opened both inside and outside, without limitations and in complete safety. In addition, the hinge has different finishes, the matt Inox look is only available with the hinge in Soft finish. The ergonomic aluminum handle is designed for a comfortable and safe grip. With 180 degree hinged opening, in different versions, it is composed of 8 mm tempered glass and equipped with an up / down mechanism, which allows the door to rise a few millimeters from the ground, when used, preventing the deterioration of the gasket . The Automatic Close system ensures door mobility and easy closing in the last few centimeters, so as to avoid knocks and damage. pura R 5000, thanks to the different variations of profile, glass and dimensions, as well as the possibility of adapting to the size of the space that welcomes it, is the passepartout shower enclosure to complete any bathroom environment.

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At a glance

What is it?
It is one of the most iconic shower enclosures from the duka production. Technology takes on elegant forms, pure and defined lines. The project consists of two series: pura 5000, solutions for the shower space without wall profiles, and pura R 5000, solutions for the bathroom with wall profiles.
What is the design concept?
It is a solution conceived and designed not only to enhance residential spaces, but to last over time. This is why it is ideal for entering into contract areas, where high quality standards are required.
How is it made and from what materials?
It is composed of 8 mm tempered glass and aluminum profiles, in different finishes. The hinge is made up of more than 50 components and allows the door to be opened both inside and outside, without limitations and in complete safety; the ergonomic aluminum handle is designed for a comfortable and safe grip.
How is it produced and where?
duka is an Italian company whose production is carried out entirely in the headquarters in Bressanone in South Tyrol, an innovative 4.0 building that sees software, machines and man collaborate. The glass of the shower enclosures comes from its own factories near Venice and the aluminum is worked internally, to ensure the quality of the materials and compliance with safety standards and European regulations. Each shower enclosure is made on request, finished by hand and supported by the best technologies, so as to be able to calculate the need for raw materials and minimize waste.
How is it manufactured?
Sustainable production and respect for the territory are factors of absolute importance, which is why every function is carried out in harmony with nature, and the company takes on the burden of creating high quality and sustainable products in a sustainable environment. Thanks to the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification which records environmental data in the life cycle of a product and determines its ecological footprint, duka offers consumers maximum safety, transparency and reliability on numerous models of the offer.
What makes it special?
The design, aesthetic research and attention to detail (such as the hinge) of each product combine with the essential criteria of innovation, practicality, safety, high quality and customization.
How is it?
Essential, light and functional.