Elica presents the hood with integrated purifier Ikona Maxxi Pure, the partner for clean air in the home

The novelty signed Elica is called Ikona Maxxi Pure and is designed to improve the air in the spaces of the house. So that it is of quality, purified and odorless.

It is the hood with integrated purifier that purifies and sucks, combining the well-being given by two different products in one. A new tool designed by the company specializing in air treatment, to functionally cope with the liquidity of contemporary living spaces.

A dimension in which environments are increasingly hybrid.

The living room that houses the kitchen, like the home office that takes over the most disparate corners of the house are just two of the countless examples of the new way of living indoors, where the boundaries between private life and the rest are canceled. Resulting in the overcrowding of the house and a very high internal pollution. Often more annoying than outdoor spaces can be.

Ikona Maxxi Pure by Elica works by sucking and purifying the air at the same time or separately: performance, hygiene and ease of use meet in Elica technology, which has always been dedicated to improving air quality in the home.

The hood removes odors and vapors during cooking - in the case of use in the kitchen - while the air purifier lightens the environment and frees it from annoying allergens such as mites and pollen, which remain within the walls of the house much longer than we were used to. He also works on the polluting molecules that seem not to exist but that daily inhabit domestic rooms, such as those released by molds, cleaning products and coatings for the home.

Ikona Maxxi Pure is able to act in this dual way also thanks to a new combination of HEPA and carbon filters that captures particles up to 1 micron, called Combo Pure Filter.

In order to act unnoticed and not annoying, the hood is equipped with "Super Silent" mode that allows you to experience the environment without any noise pollution, letting the device work in the background for the duration of the treatment. A fundamental aspect for those who use it daily and for a prolonged period of time.

The second "Boost" mode, on the other hand, has been designed to obtain a rapid and effective action in 20 minutes, completely regenerating the air of a living space of 30m², equal to the size of an average kitchen combined with the living area.

The pyramid shape with a width of 120 cm is well adaptable to any environment: from the home office to the kitchen, it is confirmed as a versatile piece that well combines aesthetics and functionality. The 7w stip LED, in fact, completes the performance of Ikona Maxxi Pure which is also proposed as a refined light point, suitable for illuminating intimate environments but also open spaces.

Available in black soft touch effect or stainless steel finishes.