Pianeta by Elli & Rini and Dudan Design: the new digital-living collection between design, fashion and technology

Pianeta is the first collection for digital living by Elli&Rini, born from the collaboration with the architect designer Giovanni Dudan, to redesign the space around the person. Planet is a piece of furniture and at the same time a lamp for the environment in which it is immersed, but inside it offers an intimate and personal functional space: a place for work, for reading, for meditation, for listening to music and for entertainment. A space within the space, large inside and compact as a whole. A cosmos in 2.5 square meters. Pianeta is linked to the creativity and versatility of Italian arts and crafts: design, fashion, art and technology converge and take shape, shaping a space around the person and for the person. Monitor, dolby system, webcam, wireless charging systems: the most modern hi-tech elements are embedded in the material elements of the structure such as wood, fabrics and leathers, guaranteeing a perfect sensory experience. The external elements and materials combine and adapt to the customer's taste and the style needs of the environment: plant elements, stones, wood, paints, fabrics cover the structure and the backlit panels. Suitable for the most diverse indoor environments, from public to private, Pianeta finds its ideal home in a home or office, but also in a suite, in hotel lounges, airports and luxury boutiques.

At a glance

What is it?
It is a workstation-environment for digital living. Inside, comfortably seated, you can work, make video conferences, enjoy multimedia content, play games or even read a book. From the outside, you can admire its lines and light in a continuous dialogue with the environment in which it is inserted.
What its design concept?
Pianeta creates a physical, intimate and professional space, capable of enhancing and respecting the digital experience of everyday life, but at the same time is covered with material elements to enhance the environment in which it is inserted, presenting various collections.
How is it made and from what materials?
Pianeta is made of natural, eco-sustainable materials. It is a wooden-based structure with variable finishes including woods, metals, stone materials and stabilized green. Its craftsmanship, its concept and its realization are all in the spirit of Italy.
What makes it special?
It is not just a workstation made up of desk and seat, but a technological cell in which to connect with the world. Monitor, dolby system, webcam, wireless charging systems up to a futuristic control panel that allows the management of every interaction.
In the designer’s own words
A simple and ambitious idea: a technological work and leisure station elegant in its design lines, capable of merging the home and office world, also looking at hotels and retail. A bright and sartorial design object. A space in space, a double-breasted technological place.