An item in the Botânica collection, designed by Etel Carmona and Inês Schertel, Callas is a handcrafted wooden bench featuring woolen flowers made by hand

Callas, synonymous in Greek with beauty in flowers and design, is the name of the bench in the Botânica collection, developed for Etel by Etel Carmona and Inês Schertel as a tribute to the slow design concept. Fully handcrafted in a prized species of wood, and the ideal fulfillment of the intimate union between art and nature, Callas takes its character from the delicate woolen petals (also fashioned by hand) enveloping the structure. Flowers are the theme unifying the whole collection, which includes the Camelia screen and Lily lamp. Their presence, in addition to offering a tribute to the world of botany, will enhance the acoustics of the settings where these furnishings are placed. Inês Schertel, in addition to contributing to the design of the products, has chosen to create the collection by adopting ancient hand-crafted techniques for working with wool.

At a glance

What is it ?
A fully handmade bench intended for collectors of design.
What is the design concept?
To explore the slow design concept with features that relate to reality at a slower pace, advocating an ideal reconnection with nature.
How it is made?
Callas is made of Amazonian perobinha-do-campo wood, a limited resource preserved for more than 20 years in ETEL’s xylotheque. Each object is embellished with flowers made from natural wool.
How is it produced and where?
With craft skills in Brazil.
How is it created?
With craft skills needed to work wood by hand and understand the ancient techniques of wool production.
What makes it special?
These are practically unique objects crafted by hand and with limited resources.
How is it?
Solid, lightweight, unique
In the designer’s own words
“Through the collaboration with Ines I discovered the ancient techniques of craft production of wool and the beauty of this material. Her work is very closely attuned to our history and Etel's production.” (Etel Carmona)