Kilt, armchair designed by Marcello Ziliani for Ethimo, a mix of elegance and naturalness perfect for outdoors

Ethimo interprets Kilt in two new versions, stemming from the partnership with Marcello Ziliani: a dining chair with clean lines, suitable for furnishing outdoor spaces with personality. A product pleasing to the eye and touch, thanks to the combination of teak and rope, its weave inspired by the garment of the Scottish Highlanders, which gives the chair its name. In this revised version, the characteristic structure in teak – FSC certified, guaranteeing it was produced from raw materials derived from sustainably managed forests – is combined with new colors of natural rope, reinterpreted in two bright new tints inspired by the warm shades of Mediterranean vegetation. The dense weave of Olive Green and Ruby Wine renews the ease with which this furniture contributes to creating distinctive settings by its elegance and special features of sturdiness and comfort. Aesthetically appealing, versatile, durable and eco-sustainable, Kilt has welcoming dimensions which, together with the inclination of the backrest, the ergonomics of the armrest and the softness of the seat, make it extremely comfortable even without cushions. An ideal furnishing that will enhance outdoor areas in the most varied contemporary residential or contract settings.

At a glance

What is it?
A seat perfect for furnishing outdoor areas. It would be a perfect match for refined terraces overlooking the sea, modern urban bistros or the lounge areas of refined resorts.
What is the design concept?
"Natural feeling" is the concept behind Kilt's design. It unites the concepts of aesthetics and functionality with an innate aptitude for adapting to natural spaces and becoming their added value.
How is it made and from what materials?
The teak of the structure is a highly effective material in outdoor settings, both by its durable qualities and resistance to atmospheric agents. The polypropylene cord that forms the seat and backrest is perfect for constant exposure to the air, without danger of deteriorating.
How is it produced and where?
Made in Indonesia, the place of origin of the teak, where expertise in shaping the material is combined with craft skills in weaving. Only the highest quality wood is selected from controlled regrowth plantations, in compliance with strict reforestation methods.
How is it manufactured?
The wooden structure follows a specific industrial process that makes the final product light and tough. For the back a special method has been adopted to ensure structural strength and guarantee sturdiness with staggered comb joints. The rope is hand braided with the most traditional weaving techniques.
What is special about it?
It is made using 100% recyclable materials with respect for the environment. Furthermore, the fact that it is stackable ensures very precious compact volumes and dimensions during storage and transport.
What is it like?
Solid, light, eco-sustainable.
In the designer’s own words
"Kilt takes its cue from the image of the famous garment worn by the proud inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands. This image provided the model for the shape of the back, which wraps around the seat of the chair and lounge armchair while remaining detached from it, just as the kilt leaves the knees bare. And the seat with its braided cords evokes the intersecting lines of tartan, the famous woolen fabric that identifies the different Scottish clans.”