Euromobil presents Totem, a ceiling bookcase ensuring great compositional versatility

Totem, designed by Roberto Gobbo for Euromobil, is a highly versatile bookcase that allows you to add, in addition to glass or melamine shelves, also desks and storage compartments, thus satisfying the needs emerged with smart working and remote teaching. The structure is defined by an aluminum pole that rises from the floor to the ceiling and which allows great compositional freedom: the bookcase can in fact be positioned in the center of the room (as a dividing element in an open space environment), used as a backdrop to screen a space portion or, again, fixed to the wall. Totem can be equipped with dimmable lights placed on the side of the structure, so as to generate vertical lines of light with a sure scenic effect.

At a glance

What is it?
Totem is an aluminum bookcase with ceiling or wall fixing that goes beyond the mere function of a book holder.
What its design concept?
For sure versatility and lightness: it has few fixing points and its essentiality can be further enhanced by the dimmable lights positioned on the side of the structure.
How is it manufactured?
It can be produced with a range of different materials, from melamine to the finest lacquered woods, such as the new Wood Caneté . The shelves can have an aluminum frame and glass top.
What makes it special?
The distinctive aspect is the refined harmony between the pole and the shelves, supported by a lower graft which, in the overall design, gives life to a grid of vertical and horizontal elements, like a mesh. Not only aesthetics, therefore, but functionality and stability combined with great lightness.
In the designer’s own words
Totem is a contemporary reinterpretation of an iconic system from the 1950s. Its character is found in the essentiality of the forms: horizontal and vertical signs, marked – the latter – by luminous traces