Nice by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. A collection of faucets that pays homage to the essence of water

Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez declare that at the base of the NICE collection of faucets for the Fantini company there is “a tribute to the essence of water and its beauty: transparent, fresh and colorful.”

A lively project with sensuous lines, elegant and refined, contemporary and fresh that incorporates an innovative element of the company’s production, color, introduced in 1977 through the Balocchi collection.

The second distinctive element of the series is the use of a transparent material, methacrylate. In the knobs with their essential, geometric design, it creates surprising optical and chromatic effects

Produced in compliance with the corporate philosophy of high quality products for everyday life and in compliance with international regulatory standards, the bathroom ambiance is enriched with a cheerful and sparkling glow, a joyful representation of the quintessential element for life: water.

At a glance

What is it?
Nice is a collection of faucets interpreted for the different situations of the bathroom area. The combinations of finishes and colors make it an ideal product for personalizing and adding an elegant and charming detail to the ambiance.
What is the design concept?
The collection is a tribute to the essence of water, to its transparency rendered through the use of a new-generation material and a contemporary interpretation of an iconic and innovative approach, the use of color in taps.
How is it made?
The collection is characterized by the contrast of the chromed and glossy or opaque element (in the color variant Total Black), of the mixer faucet with the transparent knobs in brightly colored methacrylate.
How is it produced and where?
The collection is produced in the company’s headquarters at Pella, in the province of Novara on the shores of Lake Orta.
How is it manufactured?
The Nice collection is part of the company’s tested and reliable production cycle, technologically advanced in the processing of a new generation material (PMMA - polymethacrylate) and in total compliance with the NSF/ANSI 372 standard for lead-free production (the surfaces of taps in contact with drinking water are free from lead in excess of 0.25%).
What makes it special?
Characterized by a palette of bright colors combined with translucent and transparent elements, the mixer faucets and knobs in the NICE collection create unique optical effects and a pleasant tactile experience.
What is it like?
Sensuous, elegant and refined
In the designers’ own words
“After almost 40 years I Balocchi has produced offspring. The children are the same color and have the same eagerness for life... and we hope they will enjoy the same success!!” Matteo Thun “The concept of Nice starts from the DNA of the Fantini company, from the idea behind Balocchi, namely this explosion of color, and we have transformed it into a very contemporary, very fresh, very young, and above all very sexy thing.” Antonio Rodriguez