Atelier, the outcome of the collaboration between Fantoni and Gensler, is an office furniture system that adapts to the needs of a constantly changing workplace

When it restructured its London headquarters in 2019, Gensler, the international design and architecture company, involved Fantoni in the design of the offices.  Following this meeting, the two companies, united in the desire to contribute through design to a better working world, collaborated in the creation of Atelier, a particularly innovative and highly adaptable office furnishing system.  In addition to adjusting easily to advances in technologies and the needs of the constantly evolving world of work, Atelier combines a multiplicity of functions for optimizing space and configuring the workplace. It also creates an environment that is not just pleasant, practical and creative, but also capable of coping with  dynamic changes in the work team.  An iconic feature of the project is the portable whiteboards. They hook directly onto the tubular structure and can be used either on the cork coated side or  the laminate side.  In this way, images, documents and notes are always be kept close to hand and follow the staff in their movements ensuring they can be shared widely.  Ideas for informal meetings and different types of containers on wheels  further  facilitate  movement inside the office, so that projects and personal objects can be transferred simply and easily. Refined solutions for managing data, electric mains cables and the use of quality materials with refined workmanship  help make it a system with a timeless aesthetic. Atelier has already won various international awards: the Innovation Award 2019 at the Workspace Expo in Paris, the Architectural Record's Products of the Year Award 2019 and the International Design Awards - IDA 2019 in the Silver category.

At a glance

What is it?
Atelier is a highly flexible office furnishing system created to meet the needs of a constantly changing workplace. The set of modular elements adapts perfectly to the requirements imposed by the current regulations on social distancing at work.
What is the design concept?
It is a system that can be easily and repeatedly reconfigured, ensuring a long functional life and economic efficiency.
How is it made and from what materials?
The structure features a tubular section partly square and partly round. The worktops are made of panels enhanced with paper impregnated with melamine resins or faced with linoleum.
How is it produced and where?
At the company’s headquarters at Osoppo, Udine.
How is it manufactured?
The process is fully industrialized.
What makes it special?
The highly innovative composite scheme is divided into four elements: a workstation, a multifunctional collaborative table, a family of dynamic containers with a mobile pinboard and a bookcase-storage unit.
What is it like?
Flexible, reconfigurable, experimental.
In the designer’s own words
“Atelier's marked industrial and experimental character reflects firms’ tendency to change constantly and underlines the power of office branding as a key factor in the creative process. It may seem an unusual priority, but it helps broaden the culture of the workplace by confirming the staff’s value within the organization and promoting the importance of teamwork.”