Sensi of Casa Dolce Casa by Matteo Thun: porcelain tiles, including large formats, characterized by visual comfort, elegance, balance and energy

The Sensi collection of porcelain ceramic of the Casa Dolce Casa brand grew out of the dialogue between the Florim team and the architectural firm Matteo Thun & Partners to create tiles, including large format sizes, capable of creating spaces embodying feelings of visual comfort, elegance, harmony and energy.

Responding to aesthetic and functional needs, Sensi is characterized by neutral, natural and soft colors and a very subtle finish.  Implementing a circular economy, Sensi is designed and produced in Florim’s Italian factories with a particular concern for the environmental and energy impact.  The line is made  from natural raw materials and 60% recycled materials through a process that is up to 100% sustainable, which makes it possible to recover all the raw waste from production and waste water.

The "non-color" palette,  the graininess of earth and the charm of the patina of time are in the nature of this collection available in  6 sizes (from 40x80 to 120x280 cm), 3 thicknesses (6, 10 and 20 mm), 3 different surfaces and 20 shades of white, ivory, grey, taupe and brown  .

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of porcelain stoneware tiles for floors, walls and furnishing applications.
What is the design concept?
Sensi epitomizes the harmony of nature and the strength of innovation. The charm of the patina of time, the strength of durability and the power of nature are all embodied in the spirit of this collection.
How is it made and from what materials?
Made from natural raw materials and 60% recycled materials, Sensi is the outcome of a production process sustainable up to 100% in both water consumption and self-produced electricity.
How is it produced and where?
Sensi is produced in the Florim’s own factories in Italy. The production process begins with the selection of natural, controlled and mixed ingredients. Then technology intervenes, guided by human experience to guarantee quality, safety, respect for the environment and people.
How is it made?
With careful attention to detail, passion, creativity, patience and research. In the Florim factories, knowledge of the material and experience in the sector are combined with a natural sensitivity to beauty and a passion for design.
What makes it special?
The neutral, soft and natural colors and the very subtle finish of the collection, making it possible to model interiors with character. The play of light on the texture of the tiles defines a decorative concept inspired by "non-color" and the graininess of earth.
What is it?
Sensory, achromatic, naturally harmonious.
In the words of the designer
“Sensi arises from different horizons, it does not steal from nature, but enriches the vocabulary of building. As architects we are extremely happy to have found a perfect partner for porcelain stoneware tiles that meet our aesthetic and functional needs.”