The evanescent poetry and design rigor of Michael Anastassiades in the Coordinates lighting system designed for Flos. Now also available in new versions

Created as a bespoke lighting project for the main dining room of the historic Four Seasons restaurant in New York, designed in 2018 by architect Isay Weinfeld, Coordinates by Michael Anastassiades for Flos is now also a collection for residential and contract use.


Characterized by firmly intertwined linear LED bars, its shape is inspired by the mathematical precision of a Cartesian grid, illuminated - and therefore amplified - in brilliant three-dimensional volumes that stand out in space.

As Michael Anastassiades explains in this interview, Coordinates is a collection that gives the user creative power: for the first time, in fact, a standard product is able to offer solutions of the highest visual impact, comparable to custom-made installations thanks to a careful proposal of simplified but formally rigorous configurations, with significant dimensional differences, with the inclusion of a repeatable module, suspended or ceiling, for impressive installations. In this way, installation times and costs are significantly reduced.

A colpo d'occhio

What is it?
Coordinates is a dramatic lighting collection for interiors, suitable for residential use as well as for contract projects. It offers a broad array of set configurations, including four suspended chandeliers of different sizes, three ceiling-mounted luminaires, available in two lengths to suit both standard and high ceilings, and a floor lamp model featuring a simple round base and two vertical lighting bars.
What is its design concept?
Its form seems to take inspiration from the mathematical precision of the Cartesian grid, illuminated and expanded to three brilliant dimensions. Horizontal and vertical linear LED bars form illuminated grid-like structures of various complexities which can be easily adapted for different environments of varying scale. This design evolved from a commission for New York City’s historic Four Seasons restaurant, which relocated and reopened in 2018 with interiors designed by São Paolo-based architect Isay Weinfeld.
What is it made of?
Coordinates is made from extruded aluminium with a sophisticated anodised champagne finish, and an opal-white platinic silicone diffuser. The luminous bars are firmly connected one to the other thanks to almost invisible joints, without any screw or other visible element. All the electronic components, such as the power supply and the dimmer, are carefully hidden within the rose, so that the lamp seems to fluctuate magically in the air. The lighting source is a strip LED with 2700 k colour temperature and CRI 95.
Where is it produced?
It is produced in Italy by Flos
How is it made?
To realize Coordinates, the Flos engineering department has fine-tuned a specially advanced manufacturing technique. After the cut and milling phases, the body of the lamp, which is made from extruded aluminium, undergoes a pigmentation and antioxidant treatment through a delicate electro-colouring process in anodising bath. The diffuser is made from a special compound of opal-white platinic silicone, to maximise the light diffusion while making it homogeneous and comfortable to sight.
What makes it special?
What makes Coordinates a unique, unprecedented Collection is that for the first time a standard product can offer highly dramatic solutions, comparable to bespoke installations. This effect is made possible thanks to the careful proposal of pared-down but formally exact configurations of very different sizes, including a repeatable module that can be suspended or ceiling-mounted, ideally suited to impressive installations. This also allows to reduce installation timings and cost.
How is it?
Exact, elegant, adaptable
In the designer's words...
“The uniqueness of Coordinates is the possibility to illuminate defined volumes within an interior”. Michael Anastassiades