Gaudí is the new bed by Matteo Nunziati for Flou. A sinuous framework, an unusual mixture of fabrics without visible stitching and wood

A tribute to wood, the powerful force of nature and its unconscious ability to constantly generate new forms that cannot be encoded: the result is the new Gaudí double bed designed by Matteo Nunziati for Flou. The headboard and feet in solid wood are the outcome of precious craftsmanship, forming a sinuous framework on which to place the textile covering. The fabric seems to be simply placed there, wrapping the wood and following its natural forms. It is actually based on complex, detailed design research to produce a seamless surface without any visible stitching.

The workmanship brings out the purity and beauty of the wood, giving the bed a welcoming but also extremely exclusive image. The Gaudí double bed has a metal structure; details of the headboard and feet in solid wood with coffee oak or black stained oak finish; padded headboard and base with a platform of adjustable slats. The covering of the headboard and the base is completely removable, in fabric, leather or eco-leather. A bed with visual lightness but extreme solidity, a unique presence to bring elegance to any bedroom.

At a glance

What is it?
A double bed designed for consumers who care about comfort and appreciate new aesthetic approaches. In this case, the particular mixture of fabric and wood.
What is the design concept?
Observation of nature and of the work of Antoni Gaudí, who said, “The tree near my studio is my teacher.”
How is it made?
It has a structure in steel with visible parts of the headboard and feet in solid wood. The platform features adjustable slats. The upholstery covering can be in fabric, leather or eco-leather.
How and where is it manufactured? 
Completely produced at the Flou production site in Meda .
The workmanship?
Refined crafting of the parts in solid wood, combined with the tailored precision always found in Flou textile creations.
Why is it special?
The combination of wood with the steel structure makes the bed sturdier while preserving its very natural appearance.
What’s it like?
Welcoming, natural, solid.
What does the designer say?
“It is based on the power of the curved lines of Gaudí, constantly varied in terms of direction, driven by a sort of internal dynamite ready to explode on all sides. A line that grows, struggling and twisting like a natural element, admitting straight sections, interrupting, returning, conquering and dominating the space every step of the way.”