Meridiano by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti: a shape of light inspired by the imaginary arc connecting the poles

After the Equatore collection, presented in 2017 and now extended with new finishes, the geographical exploration by the designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti continues around the shape of light. Shifting the scale of the project, from architecture to interiors and product design, this time Gabriele and Oscar Buratti let themselves be inspired by the imaginary arc that connects the North and South Poles. The distinctive feature of Meridiano for FontanaArte is the curve that designs the ovoid diffuser made of blown glass, either transparent or available in the colors fumé and pink. A vertical cylindrical glass tube within it contains the LED light source. By passing through opal, colored and transparent layers, the light is free to create evocative effects, patterns and atmospheres. The suspension model comes in two sizes (large and medium), while the table lamp, with dimmable light, is available only in the medium version. Both models have nickel-plated metal details.

At a glance

What is it?
Meridiano is a table or suspension lamp shedding diffused light to be used individually or in cluster compositions.
What is the design concept?
The “shape of light” is the central theme of this project by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, which began with the Equatore family of lamps (2017) and continued into the new Tropico and Meridiano models. Its shape is inspired by the imaginary arc connecting the North and South Poles and which gives it a brightness and warmth of extraordinary intensity and diffusion.
How is it made and from what materials?
Meridiano is emphasized by the refined curves and the magic of blown glass. The ovoid diffuser is made of hand-blown glass, either transparent or colored fumé and pink in the batch. The vertical cylindrical tube that acts as an internal diffuser is in painted borosilicate glass and contains the LED light source (dimmable in the table version). The metal structure is in galvanized aluminum.
How is it produced and where?
Meridiano is made in the Venetian glassworks with a long tradition. The metal structure is also produced in Italy.
What skills are needed to manufacture it?
The experience of the Murano master glassmakers enables them to control the thickness, coloring and balance of the form. The internal diffuser is also finished and painted. All these processes contribute with the light source to ensure optimal light distribution.
What makes it special?
It illuminates interiors and at the same time the adjustable central light source gives it the function of a spotlight on a work table. And thanks to the miniaturization of the light source, characteristic of LED technology, its volume is reduced to a point, line or sheet, freeing the lamp from the weight of its technical device – the bulb – leaving it free to fill new forms that become abstract and iconic.
What is it like?
Elegant, sinuous, seductive.
In the designers’ own words
“The ‘shape of light’ is the theme of our project for FontanaArte. It is the search for iconic shapes of glass and metal that gather, contain and diffuse light in space passing through opal, colored and transparent layers. Emphasized by the refined curves and the magic of blown glass, the light spreads creating surprising and fascinating effects, patterns and atmospheres.” Oscar and Gabriele Buratti