A sunburst of rays encloses the light source for direct and indirect lighting: Sun - Light of Love is the new lamp designed by Tord Boontje

Sun - Light of Love  is the suspension lamp designed by  Tord Boontje  for  Foscarini by drawing inspiration from the magmatic surface of the sun.  The body, with a structure that is geometric and at the same time organic, is characterized  by a cluster of rays enclosing the light source, allowing direct and indirect illumination. The light is reflected, spreading into the space and at the same time irradiates surfaces below.  With its design characterized by an  indefinite  form  and a strong personality, the lamp decorates the spaces in which it is inserted and makes them recognizable.

At a glance

What is it?
A double lighting pendant lamp. Its decorative function enhances the character of rooms. Ideal for large commercial spaces, receptions and representative interiors, it is also suitable for transit areas as it is a “signal” element that defines various types of settings.
What is the design concept?
Just like the sun with its magmatic, elusive contours, it’s hard to know where Sun - Light Of Love begins and where it ends. If the lamp as object seeks to recreate the presence of the sun at night, Sun - Light Of Love interprets this function in its most poetically literal way, while its decorative force defines interiors and highlights their identity.
How it is made?
The body of the lamp is made up of 390 steel rays. It has a three-point suspension system with steel cables. It lights a space by both reflected light and spotlighting, thanks to two opposed light sources projecting downward and upward. The metal “rays" that compose and characterize the lamp also shield the eyes from glare.
How is it produced and where?
The luminaire involves multiple construction techniques, which together create Sun - Light of Love. The lamp consists of a machined aluminum structure with diffusers in molded plastic material and electronic components. The rays are cold forged and mechanically grafted to the central body. All the metal details of the lamp are powder-coated in matt white or matt gold. Sun - Light of Love is produced exclusively in Italy.
How is it manufactured?
To make the mechanical couplings that enable the rays to be attached to the body, high-precision machines are used to attain the minimum permissible tolerances.
What makes it special?
The innovation of its unique and original form, which guarantees excellent lighting effects, providing both direct light on the surface to be illuminated and indirect light diffused upwards.
How is it?
Surprising, decorative, colorful
In the designer’s own words
“I wanted to bring the sun inside, into the house and its spaces. Sun – Light of Love is an object that makes it hard to know where it begins and where it ends, like sunlight. An element with an indefinite form, whose beams that characterize it and endow it with personality, radiate outward, so that our eyes recompose the image of a sphere. It has no clear separation between inside and outside: a geometric presence, but very fluid and organic at the same time.”