Gast, the sofa born from the first partnership between Frag and the Guatemalan designer Luis Arrivillaga

Welcoming and protective: these are the most striking qualities of the new Gast sofa designed by Luis Arrivillaga for Frag. The harmony of the design lies in the soul of classical inspiration, typical of models in the early 20th century, skilfully combined with the irony of upholstered furniture from the 1960s to create a fresh and contemporary result. Note the impressive volume of the internal padded parts and the way the whole is lightened by the clean linear design of the outer enclosing structure. When you relax on Gast, feel clasped in a close embrace, almost as if you could gently relax on a cloud without losing contact with your setting. Gast is available with leather or fabric upholstery and comes in two lengths, both characterized by the seat and back being formed by a single cushion. Refined yet informal, its compact line suggests it can be used equally in a home setting or contract interior. The deep feeling of comfort never strays into abandon.

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of sofas for indoor settings featuring  a continuous enveloping element that, without variations in height, traces the design of the armrests and backrest.
What is the design concept?
Gast has been developed to meet the need for a sofa conveying a feeling of discreet comfort at first glance and capable of adapting to different settings.
How is it made?
The structure of Gast is in multilayer wood padded with variable density polyurethane foam. The seat and back cushions are in polyurethane foam and memory foam with quilted covers. The sofa is raised off the floor by concealed feet in a black thermoplastic material.
How is it produced and where?
Production takes place at the Frag plant in Udine by a hand-crafted process expressed in the care lavished on the detailing. The company draws in particular on decades of experience in the selection of the finest hides and leather and its mastery of specific processes.
How is it manufactured?
Using technologically advanced machinery for cutting the leather and fabrics. The finishing, seams and assembly of the individual components are then hand-crafted.
What makes it special?
Apart from the impressive volume of the padded upholstery, Gast is outstanding for the meticulous stitching that enhances the design. The double front stitching of the seat and back padding heightens the sense of visual comfort in the model. Finally, on the back, a further double shaped seam, combined with the cutting of the fine leather, rigorously designs the silhouette of the backrest.
What is it like?
Cozy, comfortable compact.
In the designer’s own words
“The distinctive feature of this sofa is the outsize volume of the padding, designed to convey a feeling of hospitality, as if the impact with its cushions became an affectionate embrace.”