A minimalist collection of kitchen sinks: Mythos by Franke

A few features are sufficient to define the aesthetic minimalism that identifies the Mythos collection of sinks by Franke. For instance, the ultra-thin edge (just 6 millimeters) that frames the contemporary design of the sink, generating a seamless surface, above all in flush and semi-flush fittings. Or, again, the studied difference in width between the corner radius at the top (25 mm) and that at the bottom of the sink (10 mm). A feature that produces an optical effect of great lightness, also proving extremely functional: the softness of the corner radius together with the perimeter overflow and the round flush drain cover maximize practicality in use and facilitate cleaning. The Mythos collection includes four sinks with as many dimensions – 34x40, 45x40, 50x40 and 70x40 cm – all rigorously in brushed stainless steel and capable of adapting to the spatial demands of any interior. Finally, completing the line and enhancing its efficiency are the specially designed accessories, such as the Rollmat tray and drip tray (also strictly in stainless steel) and the PaperStone cutting board.

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of kitchen sinks interpreted in four models.
What is the design concept?
A collection with a minimalist design, the sinks have an ultra-thin (just 6 mm) edge with a striking difference in width between the radius at the top (25 mm) and bottom (10 mm) of the sink.
What is it made of?
Mythos sinks are made of satin stainless steel.
How is it produced and where?
The sinks are produced at the facility in Aarburg, Switzerland, Franke’s headquarters. Mythos is a stamped, annealed and fabricated sink with a the edge precisely calibrated to achieve a narrow radius (6 mm) to create the sharp-edge effect.
How is it manufactured?
With the annealing technique: the only way to attain a minimalist aesthetic.
What makes it special?
Accessories designed to enhance their efficiency: Rollmat, stainless steel tray and drip tray and Paperstone cutting board.
What is it like?
Efficient, functional, precise