Album 05 by Frette: new styles and colors for fall-winter 2020, in the name of a over a century of excellence

In the year of its 160th anniversary, Frette presents Album 05, the new autumn collection of sophisticated home linen, coordinated accessories and versatile loungewear. Various influences and sources of inspiration are reflected in it, from the mastery of watercolor painting to the delicate charm of timeless Italian landscapes. The palette of colors introduces two new tints: Powder Pink, a rich and refined rosy hue, and Celadon Green, a relaxing and refreshing touch of green having a touch of jade, so precious that it was once only admitted to the sight of sovereigns. Three new styles have also been introduced into the seasonal offering, reflecting Frette's ongoing research into product development: Lotus Flower Embroidery, a refined lotus pattern; Luxury Lozenge, a delicate geometric design inspired by the treillage of European rose beds and gardens; Luxury Cashmere Velvet, the outcome of a refined combination of cashmere and cotton, extremely soft and delicate to the touch. The expression of the finest and most exacting Italian textile production, the new patterns reinterpret the brand’s iconic motifs, perfectly matching the heart of the collection interpreted in neutral and timeless tones.

At a glance

What is it?
Album 05 is the new fall collection of sophisticated household linen, coordinated accessories and loungewear that Frette is presenting for the most demanding customers, those who love to bring comfort, personalization and quality into every aspect of their lives. The brand has been a leader in the home textile and luxury hotel sector for 160 years.
What is the design concept?
Frette's design horizon is known as Product Agility: the novelties of each collection are designed in harmony with iconic continuing pieces, to satisfy every taste and need season after season, with endless design possibilities.
How is it made?
All of Frette’s products are made using the finest fibers, including extra long staple cotton, cashmere and silk. The collection features intricate jacquards, delicate lace, complex embroidery and sumptuous cashmere velvet, all of the highest quality.
How is it produced and where?
All products are made with consummate mastery in Italy by the most skillful craftworkers, who follow a proprietary procedure to endow the fabrics with that soft and glossy look for which Frette is renowned worldwide.
What is it like?
Iconic, handcrafted, personal.