Gallotti&Radice presents Shiro, a table with a sober and sophisticated style to furnish even the most elegant spaces with class

Characterized by an inlaid ebony wood top, the Shiro table, designed by Oscar e Gabriele Buratti for Gallotti&Radice, is also available with top in natural polished Calacatta Vagli Oro, Bianco Carrara, Verde Alpi and Arabescato Orobico black marble. An inlay starts from the base to outline an oval arch, underlined by a joint recessed inside. Also the bases are covered in solid milled ebony with ‘super-mirror’ in polished stainless steel details. It has a height of 74 cm and is available in two sizes: 240x120 cm and 280x120 cm.

At a glance

What is it?
Shiro is a table for refined and contemporary environments.
What its design concept?
The concept of the table is simple: two central bases, with the addition of a soft note capable to make the shapes, which had already been investigated with other models, gentler both as regards the shape of the leg and the top that becomes almost a suspended sheet.
How and where is it manufactured?
The table is completely made in Italy. The material with which the leg was made is particular: it is a sheet of wood worked in ribbed, with an organic effect that makes the handcrafted detail very valuable.
What makes it special?
Its simplicity makes it a table with an extremely refined elegance.
In the designer’s own words
A design expressing clear and easily transmissible concepts that contain very accurate elements based on geometries, details and workmanship.