Washbasins, toilets, bidets, shower solutions and furnishing accessories: elements with a minimalist design from the new Geberit ONE collection, developed for a fully integrated bathroom design

An emblematic product of the new approach adopted by the Geberit group, Geberit ONE is a fully integrated pioneering solution for the whole bathroom. A unique product, which connects everything embedded in the wall with what is external to it, using products from the same company combined in a single system, so guaranteeing quality and efficiency. This integration between internal and external technological systems has allowed the development of a complete collection, designed to improve the quality of life. In fact Geberit ONE makes for greater flexibility in bathroom design, functional styling combined with maximum comfort, superior hygiene and greater ease of use and installation.

At a glance

What is it?
A collection devised to optimize the bathroom space and aimed above all at designers, end users, plumbers and installers.
What is the design concept?
Geberit ONE takes advantage of the lightweight walling to house the complete hydro-sanitary technology inside it. This integration makes it possible to intelligently and practically optimize the bathroom space.
How is it made?
The line consists of installation modules set within the wall and devised to house the technical components, and “external” elements such as sanitary fittings, taps, shower cabin and fittings.
How is it produced and where?
In various European plants: at Gaeta (Italy), in the Bromölla plant (Sweden), and at Wesel (Germany).
How is it?
Innovative, unique, elegant.