TNYNY by Storage Associati for Gebruder Thonet Vienna | Totemic presence, irregular perspectives, playful Eighties graphics.

Design, architecture and art blend harmoniously in this family of cabinets designed by Storage Associati. The project hovers between postmodernism and reminders of the playful graphic design of the 1980s in its irregular perspective, also emphasized by the intense choice of colors. The reference to architecture is stated in the name NYNY, namely New York, New York. The game of volumes is a tribute to the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Nolita, a building with the archetypal form of a Babylonian ziggurat.

The symbol of the collection is the totemic asymmetrical cabinet, a piece of furniture of forceful emotional impact that proudly takes the stage in any space.

NYNY takes form by asymmetrical stacking of geometric volumes sustained by a metal wall structure. Each volume corresponds to a specific function: below, two drawer, low and high; above, two compartments with doors, where the lower one can also be used as a desk. The special characteristic is the theatrical presence based on asymmetry, with the combination of materials and intense hues.

The brass-plated structure is the support skeleton; a back on which the various volumes are fastened, allowing them to remain suspended and independent of each other. NYNY is the first cabinet offered by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna.

What is it?
NYNY is a family of cabinets for the living, dining and home office zones, a project with a versatile personality.
What is the design concept?
NYNY comes from an approach that combines design, architecture and art, taking its cue from the typical stylemes of postmodernism and the playful graphic design of the 1980s, in the development of an irregular perspective emphasized by the intense use of color.
How is it made?
In wood and Vienna straw with metal inserts.
How and where is it manufactured?
NYNY is produced entirely in Italy.
The technical side?
The metal parts of the structure are satin-finished and plated with brass with a galvanic treatment. The parts in Vienna straw are carefully crafted by hand.
What’s special?
NYNY is the first cabinet presented by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna. The special characteristic is the theatrical presence based on asymmetry, with the combination of materials and intense hues.
What’s it like?
Totemic, architectural, colorful
What do the designers say?
“Our conceptual game is always based on a subtle line between architecture and design... the possibility of translating a volumetric composition typical of architecture onto the smaller scale of design. NYNY speaks of vertical architecture, precisely in its arrangement of volumes. A piece of furniture with a pronounced character, where the intense dialogue between wooden volumes and Vienna straw boosts the personality.”