Ginori 1735 signs Arcadia, the new tableware collection where the imaginary escape is a flash of happiness

Flowers with eyes, moustached plants, seahorses, angels and devils scattered here and there that lightly and delicately populate the harmony of the Italian gardens drawn on plates, trays, cups and teapots. The world of Arcadia, the new Ginori 1735 tableware collection born from the collaboration with the fashion designer Orazio Stasi is like this: a place inhabited by fantastic and intriguing creatures, endowed with inalienable childlike joy, free in every shape, trait and expression, which move leaving scattered signs to decode, stories to imagine, surprises to discover. It is on the Venice form, characterized by the essential roundness of the line, that this ideal, utopian cosmos comes to life, where creatures are different and where everything is possible for the inhabitants: the dream, the return to childhood and also that surreal touch that makes you want to pursue characters who bring joy, optimism and freedom. To find your own happiness too: the pursuit of happiness.

At a glance

What is it?
Arcadia is the new Ginori 1735 tableware collection, created on the Venezia shape, which consists of 24 hand-decorated porcelain table, tea and coffee elements.
What its design concept?
The characters that populate the collection, born from the designer’s creative flair, refer to the ‘scattered flowers and fruits’ decorations typical of the late 1700s, flowers and fruits that accidentally fell on the surface of porcelain. The fantasy of the characters wants to lead the viewer, with grace and audacity, towards the search for a new unexplored beauty; and with the happy wandering of the creatures inspire him to take back something that is far away to bring it back to us, reinterpreting it almost for fun.
How and where is it manufactured?
Arcadia, like any other Ginori 1735 collection, is produced at the Manifattura Ginori in Sesto Fiorentino (FI), where all the items have been manufactured since 1958.
What makes it special?
The decoration is developed in 18 colors hand-applied decal, while the outer edge is made manually with the threading technique. Innovative and stylish elements of the collection, the lids of the teapot and sugar bowl are glazed in black, while the Ginori writing that runs through almost all the pieces is embossed in a relief decal in to give a tactile perception of movement. The ‘total gold’ decoration, present in the place cards and fruit plates with colored textures in black, pink and aquamarine tones, instead takes up the ancient art of agate point processing to create a refined chiaroscuro effect, able to coexist with the bizarre creatures of Arcadia.
In the designer’s own words
The characters and flowers in my drawings arise spontaneously from pencil and watercolor. They belong to a visionary world, deliberately almost childlike, they want to convey lightness and pleasure in looking at them. I think there are shapes and colors that have a therapeutic power, like looking at nature. The Ginori writing, in fact, creates the base of an Italian garden populated by little devils, surreal flowers, and so on. Without forgetting the cherub: for me it is Keith Haring who listens to music in paradise, the artist I knew in the 80s in Milan.