Kiri by Setsu & Shinobu Ito for Giorgetti: “Precious as the cabinets that Japanese brides brought in their dowry...”

In Japan the Kiri tree (in English Paulownia) would be planted at the birth of a girl and the wood was then turned into a precious cabinet when she married. Its presence therefore accompanied the bride in her new life, as an indissoluble bond with her family of origin. The drinks cabinet by Setsu & Shinobu Ito for Giorgetti is inspired by this tradition. It is a jewel-like object combining different materials (wood, marble, metal and leather), which are then fabricated with absolute respect for their intrinsic qualities. And assembled in a single product uniting fluidity and refinement, function and sculptural forms.

The distinctive shape of the solid wood slats forming the exterior of Kiri

is possible only thanks to experience in choosing and treating the timber, the precision of the numerical control machines and the technical skill of their operators. The slats are fabricated individually and then applied to the doors to create a single sinuous form, as in an artistic gesture. The top is in hollowed marble, a tough yet very delicate material, which needs to be fashioned with great care. It is essential to select the appropriate piece of stone to withstand this process, in addition to using highly skilled workers capable of mastering the techniques and tools necessary to its fabrication. The handles are cast in bronze, finished and polished by hand. The leather upholstery of the internal detailing is also handcrafted. The finished object, with its imposing presence, is the result of a wonderful collective effort.

What is it?
Designed for the dining room, home bar, living room or home office, Kiri is a drinks cabinet with two hinged doors and fully equipped interior.
What is the design concept ?
Refinement and design, traditions and cultures meet in this project. Its name has origins in the East, where the Kiri tree was planted at the birth of a girl and then turned into a precious cabinet for her marriage.
How is it made?
The exterior is lined with solid grooved walnut slats, the top is in hollowed marble. The doors, with bottle compartments and holders for glasses, open to reveal drawers and shelves with fronts and tops lined with refined leather.
How is it produced and where ?
Kiri is strictly made in Italy and is the outcome of the historical technical skills of craftsmen who have worked with Giorgetti for generations.
How is it manufactured?
To make it, notable craft skills are essential to enhance the intrinsic value of the precious materials (wood, marble, metal, leather). These are combined with the precision of numerical control machinery and the technical expertise of the operators.
What makes it special?
Kiri will be a feature of the home, distinguished by the elegance of its workmanship. It embodies the fascination of a centuries-old tradition expertly brought up to date by Setsu & Shinobu Ito.
What is it like?
Precious, sinuous, surprising.
How do the designers describe it?
"Kiri is as precious as the cabinets that Japanese brides brought in their dowry.”