Tuttuno is the innovative kitchen mixer faucet from the Pura collection by Guglielmi, combining five different functions in a single product

Completely made in Italy and capable of combining design and sustainability, Tuttuno is the innovative kitchen mixer faucet from the Pura collection by Guglielmi. It performs five different functions in a single product: it supplies natural purified water, chilled water, hot water at 100°C, sparkling or ordinary domestic water.The mixer faucet comes in five models that are different in height, forms and finishes, all united by the aerator which incorporates two jets into one. Both flows are managed by two different controls: the one on the left, identifiable by the drinking glass symbol, activates the water filter; the right control manages domestic water. It is equipped with a safety system that prevents accidental delivery of boiling water, and is also available in the Touch control version, to make it even easier to use its various functions. Furthermore, all the elements in the Pura collection use a certified eco-sustainable microfiltration system with extruded Activated Carbon technology, with the addition of silver ions to perform the bacteriostatic action.The results are: the reduction of chlorine and organic compounds, the elimination of unpleasant odors and flavors, a nominal filtration degree of 0.5 microns and clarification of drinking water.

At a glance

What is it?
A kitchen mixer faucet that dispenses micro-filtered water (natural at room temperature, natural cold, cold sparkling and hot) and domestic water in a single product.
What is the design concept?
Guglielmi has developed a technological product that integrates perfectly with designer kitchens, offering a lot more than ordinary tap water.
What is it made of?
The materials used in the manufacture of the mixers and systems comply with current legislative regulations.The filters are made with “carbon block” technology with added silver ions to activate the bacteriostatic action.
How is it produced and where?
All Guglielmi production takes place at Grignasco in Novara, Italy with cutting-edge production processes.
How is it manufactured?
The systems are assembled, wired, controlled and tested manually while the taps are industrially manufactured and checked one by one with special equipment.
What makes it special?
Tuttuno is the only integrated system that combines the cooling and heating of water continuously, reaching a temperature of 98°C.
What is it like?
Unique, innovative, technological and sustainable.