Bing Bang by Massimo Castagna for Henge. The desired imperfection of manual processes makes each piece unique

It takes virtuoso craft skills to create a product like Bing Bang, the new coffee table from Henge, designed by the brand’s creative director Massimo Castagna. The furniture has the features of a piece of high-end jewelry. It is made with excellent materials and worked with sophisticated techniques, which require know-how acquired over the years. Expert hands shape and enhance the tactile nature of the compositional elements, stirring the desire to touch and caress. Its refined essence belongs to elegant contemporary interiors, to which it adds a touch of balanced opulence. The soft, sensuous line of the top joins the hard lines of the legs, confirming the strong identity of this side table through the synthesis of contrasts. The top is in Wild Onyx stone: a special, unique stone, of which a very few blocks have been selected and it can therefore only be made in a limited quantity of pieces. The structure is in brass and is forged with the sand-casting technique, followed by a burnishing treatment applied by hand. It is available in silver, brass and bronze finishes. Available in 4 different sizes and heights (70x70x45h cm; 70x50x45h cm; 50x50x55h cm; 140x140x35h cm), Bing Bang is a furnishing with a strong personality that goes beyond its function: the overwhelming expressiveness of the material predominates, where the design and the material itself are part of a single conception and complement each other, surpassing the limits of form. The imperfection of the manual processes makes each piece unique, enhances the material, and arises from an approach closed to limited edition products or the working methods of artists.

At a glance

What is it?
Big Bang is a coffee table system available in 4 different sizes and heights, furnishings with a strong personality.
What is the design concept?
The overwhelming expressiveness of matter predominates: Big Bang is inspired by a jewel, a precious stone mounted in a cast metal frame.
How is it made?
The frame and legs are made of a single piece of brass in one piece. The top is a special, unique stone, selected by us.
How is it produced and where?
Henge produces in the Veneto relying on a carefully selected network of local craft workers.
How is it manufactured?
All the processes are handcrafted, carried out by skilled craft workers endowed with great sensitivity: in this case machines are of little use.
What makes it special?
Expressiveness, research into the materials as an essential element of the project, the imperfection of manual processes that makes each piece unique.
What is it like?
True, unique, timeless.
How does the designer describe it?
“The furnishings in a home are traveling companions, they accompany us through time and should give us the same pleasure over time.”