With the new concept, the brand brings together the various design expressions with which it interprets the bathroom and every possible customisation in a single environment

Presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile 2024, HoHouse of AXOR by Hansgrohe is a concept capable of bringing together, in a single, highly creative environment, the various ways and styles with which the brand conceives the bathroom. The starting point for this representation is colour, the power of which is capable of arousing emotions and evoking memories, allowing everyone to express their personality and integrating water as a key element.

The language of colours

Summarising these ideas are the words of Judith van Vliet, founder of The Color Authority: 'I think we all speak the language of colours, but on an unconscious level. We are not aware that we speak through them: it is a precise form of communication'. By tapping into the language of colour, architects and interior designers can bring a luxury bathroom to life, and House of AXOR, through its scenarios and wide assortment of models and finishes, comes to support their creative process.

Prestigious collaborators

House of AXOR is a plastic representation of how the brand has always developed its creations, which reflect the personality and creative approach of each of the internationally renowned designers with whom AXOR collaborates. These product families are capable of becoming a source of inspiration for architects and designers who want to develop bathrooms with a precise identity and an immediate visual impact.

AXOR Citterio C

The AXOR Citterio C stands out among the collections in the House of AXOR, the novelty presented at the last Salon: a line of faucets and shower products with a full contemporary feel, conceived by a central representative of the world of design such as Antonio Citterio and characterised by a sleek design and multiple customisation possibilities.

AXOR Signature, a question of details

One of the strengths of the company's catalogue, in fact, is the possibility of customising a bathroom down to the tiniest detail, resorting to solutions dedicated to those who want to distinguish themselves starting from fixed points such as bold, unprecedented aesthetics and absolute quality. Attention to detail finds its highest realisation in the AXOR Signature service, which offers customers the possibility of making their idea of luxury a reality in any respect, personalising products through engravings, new elements and extensions.

Total customisation

The highest expression of the Signature service is expressed by the new AXOR ShowerSelect ID shower mixer, which can be realised by combining various PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finishes and adding inserts in different precious materials. The AXOR Citterio C line, on the other hand, can be made unique by using distinctive surface textures or two-colour PVD combinations. The broad and multifaceted assortment of House of AXOR, together with the services it offers, provides customers with a variety of exclusive and topical scenarios, styles and settings.