Blade R by iGuzzini: a lighting solution designed to offer intelligent light features that go beyond light

Besides the purely lighting function, Blade R is designed by iGuzzini in keeping with its People Centric Lighting concept, which develops intelligent light solutions that go beyond light, integrated into the architecture both aesthetically and functionally to respond to the multiple needs of people and the spaces they live in, from homes to hotels, offices, museums and retail stores. Wholly designed, developed and produced in the Recanati factory, Blade R is a recessed ring of light  miniaturized and compact that can integrate many functions, such as a speaker for sound diffusion, smoke detector, emergency light, camera with a 360° panoramic view of rooms. Visual comfort is ensured by the invisible source, the Super Comfort optics that cancel glare and the patented iGuzzini Opti Beam technology in the optical beam for clean, flawless lighting. To ensure it adapts perfectly to spaces,  Blade R comes in three different sizes, three different color temperatures and finishes, both standard and made to measure. In addition, it incorporates the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), a communication protocol that enables the light and other functions to be directly controlled from a smartphone. A solution that blends architecture, lighting and much more.

At a glance

What is it?
Blade R is a miniaturized and compact ring of light, a precision masterpiece that goes beyond the mere lighting function. Blade R evolves the concept of integration in architecture into homes, offices, museums and the hospitality and retail sectors.
What is the design concept?
Blade R fuses lighting aesthetically and functionally with architecture, capable of combining formal elegance, technological innovation and functional multiplicity. With very high visual and versatile comfort, it can host multiple devices to promote personal well-being as well as enabling smart services in security, entertainment, comfort, sustainability and light control.
How is it made and from what materials?
In the basic version, Blade R consists of a principal unit, high definition optics, a customizable central cover and springs for installation. The principal unit with a radiant surface is made of die-cast aluminum. The optics are made of metalized thermoplastic material and integrated into an innovative black anti-glare screen. Available in three different sizes (diameter 80 mm, 125 mm and 170 mm) and three color temperatures (2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K), it can be recessed into the ceiling and comes in a wide range of finishes, both standard and supplied to order. The terminal steel-wire springs ensure recessed installation, without using tools, in false ceilings of thickness from 12.5 to 25 mm for the Minimal versions (without perimeter rim) or from 1 to 25 mm for the Frame versions (with flap).
How is it produced and where?
Blade R is completely developed, engineered and produced at the iGuzzini plant at Recanati (Macerata), the cutting-edge of native led optics, just like the patented Opti Beam reflector optical technology.
How is it manufactured?
By designing miniaturized optical systems to ensure visual comfort, light efficiency and a clean, flawless lighting effect. As the size gets smaller, the precision of the manufacturing increases. Among the innovations: a new production technology using natural-diamond tools that make it possible to obtain radii of the tool beams practically close to zero, the use of other precision machinery and a different material for the molds. In addition to optical expertise, a knowledge of materials and thermal physics are also crucial. An efficient wave dissipation profile has been designed for Blade R to increase the heat exchange surface and minimize the overall dimensions. Blade R integrates accessories with other features which made it essential to test all the solutions integrated.
What makes it special?
The integration of multiple functions and the miniaturization of all its components. Visual comfort thanks to the invisible source and Super Comfort optics that eliminate glare and the patented Opti Beam technology in the optical beam for a clean effect, without color flaws. Blade R adopts the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) communication protocol for remote control by a smart device (Smart Light Control) and to implement Smart Services. Power of Ethernet versions are available to integrate power and data in a single system
What is it like?
Responsive, intelligent, convenient.
In the company’s own words
“With Blade R, we at iGuzzini have evolved the concept of People Centric Lighting, developing light solutions ‘beyond light’, to respond to the needs of users who live space through both their formal and functional integration into architecture and offer an increasing range of services while limiting the number of devices. Blade R is a miniaturized and compact ring of light, which cuts across the ceiling in a just 2 cm slit, shedding light with very high visual comfort. But above all, the luminaire is capable of hosting multiple functions providing smart entertainment, comfort, sustainability and the control of light. Emergency lights, speakers, multisensors, cameras, smoke detectors and lighting fixtures are now all embodied in a single solution, which solves the clutter of multifunctional ceilings in a formal order. Blade R, All in One.”
Massimiliano Guzzini, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of iGuzzini lighting