Omtänksam by Ikea, a wide range of ergonomic and functional products that combine intelligent solutions and quality design

The Omtänksam line, one of Ikea's most recent innovations, offers a set of proposals for all those situations of everyday life in which an intelligent object can make the difference.

Like the Omtänksam table, signed by the designers Marianne Hagberg and Knut Hagberg, which is deliberately designed without a frame, with ample space under the top, and is particularly suitable if you are very tall or use a wheelchair. It has a matte surface to reduce light reflections and the shape is harmonious and free of edges. It is also scratch resistant and easy to clean. A great little idea, combined with careful design and the use of quality materials, which has already earned the table the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the product design category. Available in anthracite and white, it is also available in a rectangular or square coffee table version.

It can be accompanied by chairs from the same collection, made of anthracite, light gray or yellow beech, which pursue the same concept of functionality and aesthetics: rounded seat and high back to allow the right support when sitting or getting up. The Omtänksam project (in Swedish, 'thoughtful') was born from an idea of ​​Britt Monti, creative leader of the Swedish company, and from his desire to approach design in a different way, studying the real needs of people and imagining each product from concrete point of view of who will use it. Made according to principles of ergonomics and functionality, without sacrificing aesthetics, the series is dedicated to those who, for various reasons related to age or a general change in their physical abilities, need an extra help to enjoy their home in total autonomy and maximum comfort.

At a glance

What are t hey?
A table and a chair, part of the Omtänksam collection consisting of 22 pieces of furniture designed to simplify everyday life in moments when you need more help and greater comfort
What is its design concept?
It is developed in collaboration with a team of ergonomics experts and physiotherapists, who have based the design on the real needs of people with different functional needs and on statistical data relating, for example, to measurements of the human body in various populations.
What are they made of?
Solid birch table with clear varnish and high pressure laminated birch veneer. Chair in solid varnished beech and beech veneer.
Why is it special?
Ergonomics and functionality without losing anything in terms of aesthetics and design.
How is it?
Inclusive, nordic, comfortable
In the designers' words
“We wanted to design tables that reconcile aesthetics and functionality, with particular attention to inclusiveness and intelligent solutions. The result is a product that meets everyone's daily needs ".