Bicocca, by Raffaella Mangiarotti for IOC Project Partners. A lazy but correct seat. For working and relaxing

Never was a product more timely. The chaise longue by Raffaella Mangiarotti for IOC seems almost designed for smart working (which we have all become accustomed to in recent times). A seat for working and relaxing, designed to ensure an ergonomically perfect position.

Bicocca is devised to enable you to stay at the PC for hours on end, in an easy posture without putting a strain on your back. And in the intervals it becomes an oasis where you can read a newspaper or simply relax.

The ergonomics of the seat have been designed for working in a more natural, relaxed pose, raising the legs but keeping an upright position suitable for work. The lumbar support and the generous dimensions of the headrest increase the pleasure of using it. The upholstery is suspended on a base in curved metal rods that follows the ergonomic inclination of the seat with welds, polishing and finishes performed with skill and precision. With a playful aesthetic, it features an L-shaped cushion that acts as a lumbar support on one side and on the other a rest for the arm. It is not fixed and can be moved at will to the left or right side, finding the position most comfortable for you. On the side that remains free, you can insert a table to work on a PC. The soft line gives a touch of informality by creating a reserved and muffled corner: a place of comfort that is not just physical, but also mental.

At a glance

What is it?
A chaise longue for reading and working in public and private spaces.
What is the design concept?
Today, with the laptop and phone, we no longer have to sit up at a desk. We can put ourselves in more relaxed positions. Bicocca is an ergonomic chaise-longue designed for working.
How it is made?
The cushions are padded in soft layers and memory foam, wrapped in cushy wadding, then upholstered with Kvadrat fabric. The cushion has a supporting frame made of steel with high resistance elastomeric belts.
How is it produced and where?
Bicocca is produced by IOC Project Partners at its Giussano facility, in the historic factory designed by Angelo Mangiarotti.
How is it manufactured?
It has a very soft and sinuous shape, and even the headrest cushion is made to an original design, like a leaf folded on itself. All this requires skill and precision in the upholstering and stitching phase.
What makes it special?
It is a chaise longue with an ergonomic form specially designed for working at a computer, either at home or in the office.
What is it like?
Comfortable, ergonomic, amusing.
How does the designer describe it?
“I only sit up at a worktable at home if I need to draw. I work a lot on the sofa. The sofa is more comfortable, informal and relaxing, but my back is almost always in the wrong position. I’ve always liked the idea of having a lazy seat, like the sofa, but correctly positioned. It is a seat that I would like to have at home. I think I would use it a lot. I would also like one in the office, to make it more comfortable and cheerful.”