Baffo, design Matteo Bianchi for Italamp: glass processing between moderm and tradition

Another family that is expanding. “Baffo becomes a spotlight” tells the designer of Venetian origins with a studio in London, Matteo Bianchi. After the suspension and floor lamps made for the Padua-based company, Baffo is also a decorative recessed ceiling luminaire made of borosilicate glass with three different sputtering finishes: shaded metallic gold, shaded metallic titanium and shaded white. Glass processing, from classic configurations to the most recent applications, is one of the distinctive features of the Italamp stylistic repertoire. “The planning behind this concept is quite simple”, continues Matteo Bianchi, “and it was to bring a lamp that is receiving excellent feedback from the market in a smaller version and above all applied to the ceiling. A sector that needs innovation and something different. Like Baffo which is smart, versatile and innovative ". In the spot version, Baffo has a diameter of 20 cm, a height of 12 cm and a LED light source.

Baffo by Matteo Bianchi for Italamp

At a glance

What is it?
Baffo is a decorative recessed ceiling lighting system that lends itself perfectly to both domestic environments and contract projects, given its considerable size.
What is its design concept?
Baffo responds to the request for formal innovation for this type of lighting which usually offers more compact and less expressive models.
How is it made?
The diffuser is in borosilicate glass, with sputtering treatment (or cathodic vaporization), inserted in a recessed metal structure with LED technology.
How is it produced and where?
The diffuser is made by Vetrerie Venete, specialized in this type of processing and finishing.
How is it produced?
In addition to glass production, the sputtering treatment is performed by high vacuum sublimation.
How is it special?
Baffo expresses a new built-in concept that differs from the usual systems for its important volume, totally external to the built-in surface.
How is it?
Smart, versatile, innovative.