Born from the creative flair of Paola Navone, Chopstix mixes color, texture, and materials in a collection consisting of armchairs and dining table with unified yet adventurous look

Janus et Cie introduces Chopstix, an outdoor collection of furniture for the dining area. The prolific architect and designer, Paola Navone managed to incorporate her singular design perspective with materials and construction traditions from around the world. The handwoven olefin rope armchair and side chair offer a tactile, enveloping seat and come in three colors (Aubergine, Peacock and Pepper). The dining table recognizable for the unusual and arresting configuration of the legs, which inspires the collection’s name, can have a stunning Terrazzo stone top in the lighter Luce Bianca Grande or darker Grigio Tetra. There is the possibility to choose from an oval dining table and an asymmetrical module shape, or pair two of the modular tables to form one long, elegant dining surface. With the Chopstix collection is recreated the convivial gathering experience of the Mediterranean culture. From setting the ambiance of a boutique hotel to serving in a private dining veranda, the Chopstix collection’s playful shapes and effortless comfort elevate the ‘al fresco’ experience.

At a glance

What is it?
A dining collection – composed of oval or modular dining table, sidechair and armchaire – balancing Navone’s signature avant-garde vision and effortless Italian style.
What its design concept?
Chopstix is characterized by a macro weaving motif that creates an interesting dialogue between ancient weaving techniques and contemporary allure. The dining table options offer a modular table that can be used as a pair to form a long dining table for gathering family and friends.
How is it manufactured?
The dining table, with detailed aluminum construction and unique angles, features a refined top realized in Terrazzo. The chairs are handwoven.