Anatra collection by Patricia Urquiola for Janus et Cie. Hypnotic patterns and a celebration of texture

The Anatra collection from Janus et Cie is a celebration of texture and braided cords (which appeal greatly to the designer Patricia Urquiola). The furnishings, comfortable and nuanced, have well-rounded, enveloping forms. The frames in powder-coated aluminum are enfolded by interlacing cords to create seating that is both strong and intriguing. For the tables, the aluminum structure is combined with Alabama ceramic or classic Carrara marble tops. The distinctive feature of the whole range is the deep color palette, rich shades enhancing its silhouettes.

The high-backed lounge chair combines the naturally dark shades of Anatra with a fine honey-colored teak structure to create a playful form with Scandinavian overtones. The contemporary design of the chaise longue, fitted with practical wheels to move it easily, combined with the dust-painted aluminum structure, heightens the hypnotic pattern of the collection. Together with the new seating, Anatra proposes to complete the living area with an elegant round dining table 130 cm in diameter matching the forms of the chairs. Anatra was created as a collection for indoors and outdoors. And its sturdy qualities also make it suitable for the contract sector.

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of indoor and outdoor furniture that includes a High Back Lounge Chair, a chaise longue and a round dining table.
What is the design concept
Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this sophisticated and infinitely livable lounge and dining collection is above all a celebration of craftsmanship and texture.
How is it made?
Anatra’s aluminum structures are powder coated are enfolded in woven olefin cord. The elegant tables in the collection are covered with cool Alabama ceramic or classic Carrara marble.
How is it produced?
Forged aluminum and hand-woven cords.
How is it manufactured?
Anatra requires skilled weavers to braid the olefin cord on the frames to create symmetrical open-weave patterns.
What makes it special?
The pieces in the Anatra collection consist of an aluminum frame woven with generous padded cushions. Aluminum guarantees durability and offsets the twisting of the woven cords. The lightness of the material used on the product frames makes all the furniture easy to move. The frame is finished with a powder coating in two basic colors that match the colors of the cords.
What is it like
Generous, enveloping, cool.
How does the designer describe it?
“Anatra grew out of my desire to play and experiment with weaving, a technique highly characteristic of Janus et Cie. I wanted to achieve the perfect balance between lightness and durability, to translate the concept of comfort into generous and enveloping chairs.”