Esker porcelain vases, made for JCP Universe, arose from research into techniques for processing ceramic waste conducted by the Venetian artist POL

Made exclusively for JCP UniverseEsker is the limited edition reproduction of a sculpture by Paolo Polloniato, aka POL. It is a series of bisque porcelain vases that represent the synthesis of the most recent research that the artist – whose family has worked with painting and ceramics for six generations – conducted into the stylistic and visual codes of the historical, artistic and craft heritage of his native Veneto. In particular, by reinterpreting traditional techniques and the use of ancient molds from historical manufactories, he has devised a manufacturing process that has become the true protagonist of production. The vases are fashioned out of the ceramic remains, whose layers give rise to a rough texture and a timeless iconic form alluding to the primordial purpose for which humanity produced ceramics, namely as containers.

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of porcelain vases, the outcome of the work of the artist POL.
What is the design concept?
A very complex technique is used in processing Esker, disrupting the traditional cycle of ceramic production.
How is it made?
The porcelain vases are the exact copy of an original model made by assembling various scraps and textures.
How is it produced and where?
It is handcrafted at Nove, a town with an ancient ceramic tradition where the artist and designer lives and works.
How is it manufactured?
Porcelain is a very complex material to control and work with. The textured and irregular surface that distinguishes Esker calls for very accurate executive control all through the production chain.
What makes it special?
La plasticità dello scarto e la complessità della texture esterna determinano l’assoluta originalità del prodotto.The modeling of the waste and the complexity of the external texture determine the product’s absolute originality.
What is it like?
Hybrid, eclectic, unexpected.
In the designer’s own words
Esker is a self-generated sculptural apparition. The fragments and waste from an extended time span are fused to create a zero point from which to start over.