Nexsys is the floor-level shower tray in enamelled steel for small spaces and renovations

More than just a shower tray, Nexsys is designed and manufactured by Kaldewei as a complete, ready-to-install system. With the pre-assembled 4 in 1 system, all components are connected to each other (including the drainage channel from the essential line and the sturdy support with integrated slope) and ready for simple and immediate installation. Thanks to the very low construction height, flush-to-floor installation is possible even with minimal recess depths, a feature that makes Nexsys also suitable for renovations.

Made of enamelled steel, a 100% recyclable material, Nexsys is available in 17 colors (including 12 opaque shades), 20 sizes (from 80 to 170 centimeters), 3 types of surface and 5 coatings for the channel (brushed steel, polished stainless steel, polished gold, brushed red gold and alpine white). Thanks to all these possibilities, Nexsys allows around 5,000 different combinations and individual bathroom planning. Its marked versatility in fact allows the integration of the shower tray, in harmony or by contrast, to any style of bathroom.


At a glance

What is it?
Nexsys is a floor level shower tray in enamelled steel with integrated drainage channel. It is also suitable for small spaces and ideal for renovations thanks to its very low construction height.
What is its design concept?
The 4-in-1 system, already assembled in the factory and consisting of drainage channel, support with slope, sealing tape and Nexsys shower tray, allows for quick and easy installation. Due to the very low construction height, flush-to-floor installation is also possible with a mini recess depth
How is it made?
It is made of enamelled steel, like all Kaldewei products: a material that guarantees characteristics of resistance, durability, inalterability over time, maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning.
Where is it made?
It is produced in Ahlen, Germany, at the Kaldewei production site, where the high-quality enamelled steel is also made.
Why is it special?
The innovation is the 4 in 1 pre-assembled system, which makes assembly quick and easy. Characteristic of its design is the channel with an essential line that integrates, almost flush with the floor, into the enamelled shower tray.
How is it?
Versatile, innovative, immediate installation.