Gould by Piero Lissoni: a modular sofa system that makes different configurations possible

Knoll, faithful to its commitment to ensuring continuity with the classic styling begun with the series of modular sofas designed by the American designer Charles Pfister in 1971, presents the Gould Sofa collection, a project by Piero Lissoni inspired by America. Interpreted in three versions, which differ in size (226, 320 and 412 cm) but with unchanged depth and height, Gould fits perfectly into modern settings with a minimal-chic taste. It is refined and informal at the same time, designed to satisfy the natural desire for relaxation. To complete the possible compositions, a chaise longue has been added to the collection.

Gould is a sofa rich in technological and sartorial content, reflecting the way research and craftsmanship have always been part of the company's genetic heritage. It can be upholstered in fabric or leather and the panels that form its supporting structure can be finished in chestnut wood. This is how Piero Lissoni revealed its compositional matrix: “The outcome is a being with a New York soul and a Milanese spirit. The cushions are comfortable, soft and informal; the structure containing them is taut, clearly perceptible, direct. An evolution of this sofa displays the exposed chestnut wood structure. A sort of small displacement: at a certain point it elegantly reveals its inner being.”

At a glance

What is it?
A modular sofa characterized by a frame with a classic contemporary taste, perfectly at home in any type of setting, private or contract.
What is the design concept?
Inspired by the America of the 1950s and its architecture, the Gould Sofa presents itself as the perfect synthesis of design and classicism.
How is it made?
It is available in leather or fabric. The external structure can also be finished in chestnut wood. The cushions can be padded with down or dacron.
How is it produced and where?
It is produced in Italy at the historic Knoll plant at Foligno (former Gavina factory).
How is it manufactured?
With craft skills, technology and innovation. The sofa is enriched by the detail of the piping, a decorative element that brings out the squared forms of the upholstery.
What makes it special?
Gould is distinguished by a soul with a classic contemporary taste, by its generous proportions thanks to the large cushions and by great comfort.
What is it like?
Sophisticated, elegant and comfortable
In the designer’s words
“I enjoyed designing Gould as a form of mimicry. I thought of an object that would have the air of always having been in the Knoll catalogue: a kind of classic, bred in this stable.” Piero Lissoni