White, colourful, material. An artist's canvas, interpreted as a basic tool to be enriched with shapes and colours, is the concept that guided Alberto Caliri in defining the 2023 Missoni Home collection

From the unprecedented multicolor geometries to the three-dimensional textures that pay homage to the brand's classic slub motif, the 2023 collection by Missoni Home intrigues and comforts at the same time.

Designed for every type of home, the Missoni Home release for the upcoming new season brings with it three big novelties on the chromatic front: a Extremely chic total white that dominates the scene of upholstered furniture, a multicolor optical pattern that displaces the eye, a game of color weaves between maxi-size rugs and enveloping sofas in bright tones.

All with two certainties as a backdrop to the iconic Italian fashion house: unmistakable class and attention to quality fabrics.

To sign the new collection Alberto Caliri, art director of Missoni Home since spring 2022.

The return of white

On the basis of already existing and long-appreciated chromatic stories, the will for the next season is to explore alternative paths that can add or expand the nuances of the environments with a new vision.

First of all, the decision to deepen the dimension of white: with the same color (white, butter, chalk), in some cases in more or less glossy, more or less warm tones, the director artistic Caliri with his creative team worked on different material dimensions.

This is how facets, three-dimensional effects come into play that mix knitwear and fabric also for the home. The reading is that of purity, but white can be used individually or combined with more intense colours.

The basic purity of white is then enriched by the three-dimensionality of materials. The same cushion that appears monochromatic from a distance, if observed closely takes on tacit facets ready to conquer the sight and touch.

Sofas like artists' canvases

By shifting the focus to larger-sized pieces, the sofas of the 2023 collection are the protagonists of a solid color direction with bright colors.

The choice is strategic: "We thought of the sofa as a wall, to be 'dressed' with works of art, or a canvas on which to indulge strong>. The extra touch will be given by the cushions. To be combined, mixed, replaced as desired" explains Alberto Caliri.

The deep blue is the protagonist, with an unprecedented depth for the brand, it acts as the starting color to be further embellished with soft accessories.

Even the poufs are among the highlights of the season. For outdoors and indoors, without differences as required by the now consolidated conception of fluid, hexagonal, rounded domestic spaces, in the shape of a panettone or donut, but also a puppet.

The choice for the interior must also entertain

Alberto Caliri tells how the playful, emotional and sentimental dimension is fundamental to his vision of the home: "I am convinced that we should all experience this sentimental sphere of the home more, even having fun in the choice of colors, shapes and subjects.

I see an important need to relax, get involved. And this collection also aims at this: welcoming and pampering, putting people at ease through textures to caress and chromatic nuances in which to fully immerse yourself".

Among the novelties, a hyper-graphic line also stands out, with a multicolor figurative design, always designed for both interiors and exteriors. A three-dimensional world that emerges among the more familiar Missoni motifs, with the intention of embracing the interpretation of a contemporary home.

Fabrics for the outdoors

The choice of materials for the outdoors by Missoni Home elevates sofas and soft accessories for the outdoors to the refined d'habitué luxury: the fabrics, as always, are not exclusively technical, but from aesthetic refinement and tactile; an example is a cushion in yellow mohair velvet that we were able to observe during the dedicated preview.