It's spring, we're back to living en plein air. And the design adds new possibilities to take advantage of every moment of the beautiful season

A tablecloth on the grass was enough for Edouard Manet to describe a day en plein air; mere mortals need well-made outdoor design.

And if the image of the Déjeuner sur l'herbe still makes you dream of lazy afternoons surrounded by nature, the reality is that a garden needs at least a table and a few chairs for it to be comfortable and livable. Furnishing is a very human habit that we share with most living species.

So nothing strange if spring brings reflections on outdoor projects, especially after frequenting undefended balconies and terraces in the spectacular spring of lockdown. From then on, the design industry clarified to the world how a good project can transform even a narrow terrace into a room that no longer has walls, but trees.

Unopiù: in nature, with kindness

Unopiù has patented the recyclable synthetic fiber WaProLace almost twenty years ago, anticipating an idea of respect for nature that goes hand in hand with a friendly and respectful relationship between man and the environment.

In 2024 the brand returns to thinking about the Synthesis collection, among the first to be made with sustainable fibre. It does so by seeking a new balance between the solidity and beauty of teak and the softness of the weaves and new bouclé fabrics.

The pure lines are amplified in the name of comfort, for versatile outdoor spaces to be imagined with new products. Sunbeds, an alcove, two different tables. The color choices are inspired by the lunar landscapes of Arizona, in the range of cold and dusty shades of a metaphysical universe.

Atlas Concorde and the charm of mimesis

Nature and artifice, an irreducible contradiction unless we are talking about that tendency towards ceramic mimesis that we have seen in every form and invention in recent years.

Atlas Concorde is a master of the genre: a brand dedicated to the celebration of natural texturesall its production expertise.

2024 is the year of Boost Mineral, which incorporates the characteristics of the original Ardennes stone traditionally worked with the bushhammering technique.

A more essential and urban effect is the visual signature of Boost Balance, which recalls the fine grain of microcement in ten different shades.

Finally, marble cannot be missing: Marvel Meraviglia is the collection designed to offer the world of design the elegance of marble, proposed for outdoors in the Hammered finish.

Ethimo, extra natura

The 2024 news from Ethimo are summarized in the paradigm of comfort. Imagine the outdoors as a space in which to laze and relax. But also in which to cook, train, receive friends. Cosmo is a pergola that transforms the surrounding landscape into a habitable, shaded and cool space.

The structure, born from the collaboration with AMDL CIRCLE, is an architecture of imposing dimensions that tangibly expresses the possibility of living outdoors at any time of day and night. at night, thanks to the integrated LEDs.

Phil is the first Ethimo outdoor kitchen project, designed in collaboration with Gordon Guillaumier. The design develops on cylindrical shapes in a nomadic configuration that proposes a concept for smart cooking.

Out-Fit is an outdoor gym created in collaboration with the Studio Adolini. A spectacular scenographic element designed to promote an active, open-air lifestyle thanks to a structure that does not include any mechanical station, made entirely of teak and metal with a rust finish.

Ethos by Valentini, in and outdoors

Another interesting strategy: hybrid indoor/outdoor furnishings. It is the exploration of the Valentini brand, which this year celebrates its seventieth anniversary by asking a more than rational question.

Why segregate the outdoor typology only to outdoors? The idea that gardens and terraces can become that extra space which in the summer season becomes a corner for venting and relaxing is increasingly recurring.

There is therefore meaning in making furnishings hybrid, for example for second homes, and thinking of them as nomadic objects, which move depending on the moment. The Ethos collection by Valentini, both for interiors and exteriors, offers multiple composition possibilities, from classic linearity to asymmetric shapes. Attention to detail is everywhere, in the solid wood details and invisible fixings that guarantee resistance and durability over time. High quality fabrics and leathers are completely removable and washable, to embrace the idea of longevity through the choice of easy-care materials.

Cover ph: The Mckittrick Hotel garden, New York