The new lamp designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Flos is table and battery operated; conceived with specific attention to the horeca sector

Flos presents the new table lamp Gustave: it can be positioned both indoors and outdoors, it is cordless and rechargeable, waterproof and naturally mobile.

"One of the challenges of the year was the design of this battery-operated table lamp, inspired by the iconic table lamps by Adolf Loos" says designer Vincent Van Duysen, who designed the lamp.

"We wanted a non-technical but elegant and timeless time look: the technical elements, such as the batteries, were therefore incorporated in such a way as to become an integral part of the overall project .

The proportions are generous, the shapes soft. Whether in a restaurant or at home, this lamp is a real passe-partout.

The production is also noteworthy. Flos has made every effort to ensure that the lighting device consists of replaceable components to extend its life»

A lamp that knows how to meet expectations

The lamp designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Flos was conceived with specific attention to the horeca sector.

In fact, the name Gustave derives from the famous Monsieur Gustave H., the well-known concierge of a mountain resort in Zubrowka - the fictitious village of Wes Anderson's masterpiece Grand Budapest Hotel, one of Van Duysen's favorite films.

With Gustave, Vincent Van Duysen draws on the proprietary lighting technology that made it possible to create his best seller Oblique to develop a new lamp, specifically designed for the horeca markets and the hotel industry.

Thanks to this technology, Gustave emits an extremely bright beam of light which falls obliquely from the head of the lamp onto the illuminated surface and extends all around 360 degrees, thanks to the ingenious combination of LEDs and lenses patented.

The unique positioning of the latter and their knurling sends the light diagonally, thus maximizing the effect and minimizing the emission (and consumption).

Despite its small size, thanks to the particular light diffusion technology (built on a particular study of micro-geometries) Gustave perfectly illuminates a large surface that extends up to one meter from the source and forms a ring with a shadow in the center - the perfect situation for a dining table.

In essence, Gustave guarantees excellent comfort, absence of glare, homogeneity in the distribution of light and very high performance in terms of lux.

Unplugged but with two batteries

Gustave is available in two models, 'Residential' and 'Hospitality'.

Alongside the plug-and-recharge version for residential use, equipped with a battery with integrated micro-USB-C charging, the horeca-specific design provides for the possibility of using two sets of rechargeable Li-Ion batteries: an additional advantage provided to restaurateurs or hoteliers who, in the event of a room with full capacity, will not have to purchase double the number of lamps (one in use, one being recharged) but, rather, recharge the second set of batteries while the lamp is in use with the first.