The In Vitro collection of outdoor lights designed by Philippe Starck is enriched with the unplugged version. A real contemporary lantern

In Vitro Unplugged is the latest addition to the In Vitro family of outdoor lamps, created by Philippe Starck for Flos. Like a magic lantern in high tech, rechargeable and portable borosilicate glass, it is equipped with an orange soft touch silicone hook that makes it easy to move to any desired place, both indoors and outdoors. The body of the lamp is in die-cast and extruded aluminum, powder-coated and treated with technological processes for a high degree of protection from external agents. It is equipped with an integrated LED light source hidden in the head of the lamp, which guarantees a soft and homogeneous distribution of light. It has a driver for on / off control, and an optical touch sensor that allows adjustment of the light intensity in four steps. In Vitro Unplugged is rechargeable via a 120 cm long Micro USB-C cable, for a duration of up to 6 hours if adjusted to the maximum light intensity. It is available in black, anthracite, deep brown, forest green, pale green, terracotta and white finishes.

At a glance

What is it?
It is a rechargeable and portable lamp, designed for outdoor environments but also ideal for indoor use. Its positioning in space is versatile, and for this reason it is suitable for both private residential use and contract projects, especially in the hospitality sector.
What its design concept?
In Vitro Unplugged takes up the classic concept of the lantern, transforming it into an ultra-modern and technological project. Inside the top it hides a luminous disc, an ultra-flat LED source with Edge Lighting technology, collecting and diffusing the light through an empty glass capsule. Creating a magical volume of light.
How is it produced and where?
The entire In Vitro collection is made by the Flos Outdoor division, which specializes in the production of cutting-edge and technologically advanced design products for outdoor lighting, at the Ares plants - a company of the Flos Group based in Bernareggio (MB).
What makes it special?
Technical characteristics of the highest level, such as the high degree of watertightness, combined with discreet elegance and the emission of a soft and homogeneous light, are very rare qualities in a rechargeable outdoor product. As well as the choice of refined and original finishes and nuances. It is an outdoor product with a decorative value and at the same time technologically advanced. It manages to keep the poetry of a mysterious and magical object, endowing it with high-tech features.
In the designer’s own words
There is a paradox, a mystery in In Vitro Unplugged, something magical. It is empty inside and yet light – one of the most powerful sources of energy - is born from this nothingness. It is the ultimate timeless combination of discreet elegance with very high-technology.