Systems for open air and environmentally friendly spaces: the 2024 lighting design trends

The outdoor world is the new terrain of conquest for lighting design. The desire for outdoor living is growing and lighting works together with furniture to improve the technology and performance of systems designed for terraces and patios, for gardens and loggias as for any other open air space.

2024 sees companies in the sector focused on raising the average level of many battery-powered outdoor lamps. In general, outdoor solutions halfway between the technical and the decorative are increasing. And, still on the subject of open air spaces, the range of products designed with specific attention to respect for biodiversity is growing.

But it is also the year that enhances the versatility of indoor systems and creations, with companies offering catalogs increasingly rich in typologies and variations sometimes born from interior architecture projects and then transformed into list products. As happens for example with Duolì by Qu, the table lamp custom developed for the Hotel Capitol in Nervi, designed by Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, has become a perfect creation for residential and hospitality.

While with the new Tube family, available in all possible variations, from the floor lamp to the wall lamp via the single or six-element vertical suspension, Riflessi testifies to the effort to satisfy any needs of the home as well as of the contract. After all, ductility, in addition to aesthetics, is the other prerogative that has made Made in Italy famous throughout the world.

"On a general level, interest and attention towards protecting the environment and reducing the ecological impact are increasing in lighting design" explains Paolo Di Pasquale, architect and co-founder of Studioillumina, an international reality based in Rome.

He recently signed the lighting project for the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul. "Sustainability has become one of the most influential topics in the sector, and this is obviously a good thing. Research focuses on solutions that combine energy saving with system effectiveness. The goal is to provide high-quality light, reducing at the same time the impact from the production cycle to consumption by the end user".

If respect for nature has become central, here is Platek giving life to In Curved Air, the floor lamp designed by Gordon Guillaumier which was born from the need to do not interfere with the environment, absolved by the elegant and discreet, arched design of this piece that escapes the scene.

When, however, lamps and systems must be multitasking, to perform both the more technical and decorative functions, devices arrive on the market that integrate different types of lighting through tracks on which solutions of one type can be inserted at the same time. or something else, but also lamps capable of producing different light: diffused, accent or indirect.

It is the discovery of versatility that lights up, for example, Dial by Stral, the system designed for those who need to illuminate multiple situations simultaneously with a single product: at home , brings comfort and well-being by illuminating walkways and recreational areas, in public spaces it becomes functional urban furniture.