Ledvance elevates artificial lighting with Sun@home: a new natural-like light able to accommodate the biological rhythm of the family. The beneficial effects can be seen and felt

Ledvance presents Sun@home, the new range of lamps and luminaires based on Human Centric Lighting technology, capable of bringing about the same beneficial sensations of natural light but within the home environment.

The new line addresses the needs of the whole family, from adults to children, with a view to maximum compatibility with daily domestic life.

Even light has its own routine

Thanks to SunLike full-spectrum LEDs, the Sun@home range provides better light quality in terms of atmosphere and better color rendering, understood as naturalness and comfort, re-proposing the course of the day and respecting the human biological rhythm.

A mix of technical aspects and visual effects which translate into better concentration and energy during the day and greater intensity of sleep during the night, favoring an increase in well-being and performance general.

With Sun@home the daily routine follows the natural cycle of 24 hours and the sleep-wake alternation: the morning yoga session fully corresponds to the typical dawn atmosphere (2,500K).

Designed to support biological rhythm

It is known that light also plays a fundamental role in terms of performance: during the day, daylight white light (5,000K) improves the level of activity and alertness by increasing concentration and the efficiency of those who work from home.

While in the evening, to meet the need to lighten tension, loosen the rhythms and soften the rooms, ready to welcome rest we refer to the ideal of the light of the hearth (2,200K): a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Smart lighting, also for the air

Alongside the more 'human' aspect, capable of accommodating domestic rhythms and needs, the Sun@home range also stands out for its high tech sophistication: the products they are smart, so they can be controlled in an intelligent way, making the change of mood and intensity of the light simple and intuitive.

Still with a view to maximum adherence to biological rhythms, Sun@home is also equipped with intelligent functions for well-being, such as natural awakening with fading light or of weather-sensitive lighting.

Each of the 19 Sun@home products is also characterized by a transparent coating capable of sanitizing the air in the home environment, significantly reducing germs, bacteria and bad odours.

A complete range

Sun@home is available in many versions, from bulbs with the classic shape to LED strips, from recessed spotlights to panels for ceiling or wall - ideal in living rooms and kitchens - and then floor lamps, wall lamps and table or desk luminaires, up to the versions IP44 perfect for bathrooms.

With Sun@home it is possible to furnish every room in the house with style.

"Many people are unaware of how big an influence light has on the body, on our performance and also on our well-being," explains Oliver Vogler, managing director for l 'Western Europe from LEDVANCE.

"With Sun@home, people have the opportunity for the first time to bring lighting very similar to daylight into their homes, to benefit from the positive and also to choose from the numerous designs available".